Klay Thompson’s Surprise Win Teaches Smarting Curry a Lesson

Klay Thompson's Surprise Win Teaches Smarting Curry a Lesson

The Warriors’ aim of a better seeding in the upcoming playoffs was the motivation they needed for their final regular season match with the Utah Jazz, where they ended up getting the win by a 123-116 score. Nevertheless, even though they tried their best, their result did not change because both the Lakers and the Kings victories in their respective games also factored. To add on to that injury, Stephen Curry, who was taken out on the sidelines due to an ankle injury, could only watch powerlessly as his teammate Klay Thompson’s Surprise Win taught him that competitions are unexpected and can be taken away in an instance. The unpredictable win therefore snatched the prestigious award from him and he was left bewildered and frustrated.

Klay Thompson’s Surprise Win Teaches Smart Curry a Lesson

Before the night when the curtain fell, Stephen Curry had 92.3 percent free-throw percentage outstanding at first place among the whole league. He could not have possibly thought that his teammate would act like someone in a bad romance movie just right before the moment of glory. As if the stage wasn’t crowded enough, it was clear that Klay Thompson wouldn’t be leaving that place empty-handed as he topped Curry, who had until then been the competition’s one and only face, in a thrilling face-off against the Jazz. With less than a minute left in the game and every point so crucial, he nailed all five free throws to end the confrontation with a

The unforeseen situation put Curry in bad mood and he has been urging the rule-makers to strike off the 125 free-throws rule and word of mouth has it that he would be bringing up this in his interview and talking about the proposed changes. This only made Curry more angry. When Klay nonchalantly responded with a casual ‘Oh, that’s cool’, with a scathing remark, Curry retorted back with “I’m going to kick your ass” as if he were seeking revenge.

The worst experience Stephen had was when he had found himself in front of this predicament for the first time. Two years ago, a case exactly like this occurred with former teammate Jordan Poole who surpassed Draymond in free-throw percentage by a few valued points. In the face of the sad emotion, Curry naturally gave a tribute to Poole, presenting him the trophy at the start of the next season, He demonstrated if there could ever be any sportsmanship as it should in sports.

The “I-Win-At-All-Costs” spirit is best exemplified by Curry’s relentless spirit while he is competing. His example within the team is clearly shown when he absolutely refuses to lose when his own team is involved. His intense and ambitious desire to succeed, associated with him by an uneasy feeling that there is meaning to be found in the world, can be considered the main force behind his continued strong performance, in spite of the number of awards, titles, and other achievements he has gotten throughout the years.


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