Klay Thompson’s 60 Points – 11 Dribble Against the Pacers

Klay Thompson's 61 Points - 11 Dribble Against the Pacers

Four-time NBA champion Klay Thompson’s 60 points with only 11 dribbles remarkable game of scoring will retain its significance in the NBA record books for generations to come.

Klay Discusses His Historic Night
During a recent appearance on Paul George’s podcast, the 33-year-old looked back on the iconic evening when he ignited Oracle Arena with his exceptional performance.

“Back in the day, playing with Kevin and Steph, I mean, you had to scout for them, and luckily PG wasn’t on me that night. He had his check KD. It was just one of those days where everything felt great. I had 40 in the first half. That’s hard to do, but I was getting good looks the whole night playing within the offense.

Zaza setting those dirty picks, getting me wide open, Draymond put it in the pocket for once actually right on the seams, and with the gravity that KD and Steph brought to the team, I always get wide-open looks. So hopefully, I can do it again, but in 29 minutes, I don’t know if I’ll be able to top that. Some things just stand the test of time, and that might be one of them,” he said.
The Unforgettable Display

In December of 2016, Thompson delivered an astonishing performance that shook the NBA world, scoring 60 points against the Indiana Pacers in a mere three quarters. The five-time All-Star made 21 of his 33 field goal attempts, sank eight of 14 shots from beyond the arc, and converted 10 of 11 free throws, ultimately leading the team to a 142-106 victory.

Despite playing for just 29 minutes, he maintained a plus-minus rating of 37 for the Warriors. However, what truly captured attention was his efficiency, achieving such a remarkable feat with only 11 dribbles against the Pacers.
Acknowledging his Teammates’ Contributions
As Klay highlighted, he was not alone in his success that night, with Zaza Pachulia and Draymond Green playing significant roles in creating open opportunities for him.

Furthermore, the presence of superstar teammates Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant cannot be understated. Thompson recognized the impact of their shooting abilities, making the 2017-2018 Warriors a formidable force on the court. Klay frequently benefited from the gravitational pull created by Steph and KD, thriving in a fast-paced, spacing-focused offensive system.

Undoubtedly, it was an extraordinary offensive display that remains etched in the memories of NBA enthusiasts fortunate enough to witness it. Klay Thompson’s 60 points 11-dribble assertion masterpiece will endure the test of time seems to hold merit.

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