Klay Thompson Regrets His ‘4 Rings’ Taunt to Devin Booker

Klay Thompson regrets 4 rings taunt toward Devin Booker

In a discussion regarding his history of engaging in on-court banter, Klay Thompson regrets on his decision to showcase his four championship rings to Devin Booker and shares his belief that it was an unfortunate choice.

During an appearance on the “Podcast P” hosted by Paul George, Klay Thompson served as a featured guest and was queried by George about instances of trash-talking with fellow players in the league. Thompson specifically revisits a moment from the previous season when tensions escalated between him and Phoenix Suns’ standout, Devin Booker.

As Klay Thompson regrets that specific incident, the accomplished guard for the Golden State Warriors expresses dissatisfaction with his conduct during that time. The incident took place during a game on October 25 of the preceding season, in which the Phoenix Suns emerged victorious with a score of 135-104.

“Yeah, I was in my feelings though and Book was busting my ass that day,” Thompson told George on the podcast. “I was not where I needed to be. God. You know stuff doesn’t age well and that didn’t age well for me. I don’t need to be flexing four rings, bro like everybody knows that. That’s on Wikipedia. My game wasn’t where it was at and we all get insecure at times.

Klay Thompson regrets 4 rings taunt toward Devin Booker

Thompson’s performance in that game was notably subpar, with a 1-for-8 field goal record, resulting in only two points and two assists in 18 minutes of play. In contrast, Booker delivered an impressive performance with 34 points (10-for-19 shooting), two rebounds, seven assists, and three steals.

Tensions escalated between both teams during the third quarter of the game, leading to the issuance of seven technical fouls in less than six minutes. Thompson received two swift technical fouls and was subsequently ejected from the game following a verbal exchange with Booker, who also received a technical foul as a consequence of the altercation.

During a heated moment in the argument, Klay Thompson regrets raising four fingers to symbolize the four NBA championships that the Warriors had clinched over the preceding decade. This incident marked the first time the five-time All-Star had been ejected from a regular season game, spanning a total of 651 games.

”I love Klay Thompson, I have for a really long time,” Booker said. ”But that doesn’t excuse us from being competitive and talking to each other. I’ve always admired his game, and how he plays on both sides of the ball, and obviously the rings speak for themselves.

”But I’m going to bring it every time.”

Klay Thompson regrets and shared the deep respect he has for Booker for staying with the Suns as they have grown from a rebuilding team to a contender all while garnering All-Star and All-NBA status along the way.

“I’m man enough to admit that we all have our moments of weakness,” Thompson said on George’s podcast. “I’m not really proud of that one. Cause I see Devin Booker and I should be like man, I should be proud of this young man. The work he’s put in.

“He navigated through a challenging period in Phoenix, marked by constant roster changes and coaching transitions, yet emerged as the cornerstone player due to his unwavering dedication. I hold deep respect for individuals like him who exhibit such a commendable work ethic.”

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