Kevin Durant reacts to Draymond’s revenge tweet from Game 1 in a very Durant Way

Durant during his Podcast interview

Draymond Green, after winning his 4th Championship Ring on 16th June with Warriors, immediately took to Social Media to mock the people that doubted him and his team’s ability to win. The 32-year-old veteran called his detractors to account while pulling out receipts and throwing insults.

One post, however ambiguous, seemed to be addressed to Kevin Durant, a former colleague of his in Golden State.

Durant tweeted his thoughts on Game 1 of the NBA Finals before the Warriors overcame the Boston Celtics in six games.

Evidently, Game 1 ended with the Celtics winning 120-108, and Green’s post-Finals tweet appeared to make fun of Durant’s evaluation of the game. But on the most recent edition of “The ETCs with Kevin Durant,” the two-time NBA champion clarified his meaning behind the post and addressed Green’s reaction to his friend, Eddie Gonzalez.
“Oh yeah, Draymond, I tweeted that when the game was going back and forth, my brother,” Durant said on the podcast. “I know you take everything personally. I know you want to take shots at everybody that y’all want, but the game was going back and forth.
“I think [the Warriors were] up when I tweeted that.”
Gonzalez recalled a string of “disgusting” shots by Jayson Tatum and Stephen Curry in Game 1 as the incident that prompted Durant to complain about the high caliber of the match.
“Yeah, c’mon man,” Durant agreed. “[Green] made it seem like I was choosing sides. Like, I wanted both of y’all to play great basketball, and if I could, I wish both of y’all lost.”

Durant about the Warriors in the past

Durant, a two times Finals MVP with the Warriors, has been seen many times talking about his ex-team on different Podcasts. Despite keeping a low profile on social media during the Finals, he responded to the fan narrative that he is envious of Golden State’s most recent championship and shared his thoughts on Steph Curry’s “iconic” Game 4 performance.

Curry and Green about their Championship Ring without Durant

However, Green and Curry have stated that their fourth NBA Championship in eight seasons was important because it showed they could win without Durant, who was instrumental in the Bay Area’s first two championships.
And even if rumors about Durant and Kyrie Irving’s future with the Brooklyn Nets are still circulating, it is unclear exactly where the two-time Finals MVP will bring his exceptional level of basketball performance in the upcoming season.

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