Jordi Fernandez: Embracing the Nets Rebuild

Jordi Fernandez: Embracing the Nets' Rebuild
Image Credit: Jordi Fernandez

Before the Brooklyn Nets chose to reconstruct, Jordi Fernandez had already foreseen the path that lay ahead. During the interview for the head-coaching position with GM Sean Marks, Fernandez recognized the diverse strategies the Nets could potentially employ.

A Clear Vision

Sean Marks stressed the importance of being transparent during the hiring process. “We had a desire to create something long-lasting and successful, and to achieve something unique,” Fernandez remembered. Marks clarified that there were various ways to accomplish their objectives, and reconstruction was just one potential route.

Transparency in Leadership

Marks emphasized the significance of honesty in the recruitment of key staff members. He emphasized the importance of being honest when hiring a coach or staff member, so they understand there are various options available. This level of openness enabled Fernandez to wholeheartedly embrace the team’s vision.

Flexibility and Commitment

The Nets’ ability to be flexible with their roster, salary cap, and overall strategy played a key role in their decision-making process. Marks admitted that they were ready to consider various alternatives. He elaborated that this could be one of the options considering the flexibility in terms of the roster, cap, and salaries. Fernandez fully embraced this potential direction once he understood it.

Building Something Special

Fernandez’s commitment to supporting the Nets’ vision shows his devotion to building something exceptional. While guiding the team through the rebuilding process, he is dedicated to ensuring the franchise’s long-term success.

A Promising Future

With Jordi Fernandez leading the way, the Nets are ready to steer their reconstruction with a transparent and long-lasting strategy. Marks and Fernandez’s emphasis on transparency and flexibility foreshadow a bright future for the Brooklyn Nets.

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