Jayson Tatum is Optimistic to Lift His Side Against Warriors, Despite a 3-2 Final Series Loss

Jayson Tatum hopes to lift his side

The momentum in the 2022 NBA Finals is squarely with the Golden State Warriors as they have made the Celtics remain winless in the last two games. The Warriors are leading the series 3-2 with a 104-94 victory in Game 5 at Chase Center. Warriors star player Andrew Wiggins poured 26 points and surpassed the Golden’s trio in the second half. Stephen Curry who top-scored 43 in the Game 4, only managed to claim 16 points.

Jayson Tatum became the lone fighter for Celtics

For the Celtics, Jayson Tatum had 27 points but a little bit of struggle in his efficiency resulted in a game loss. However, Tatum is an experienced player and better understand how to overcome the loss and lift his side.

Jayson Tatum had the blunder to begin the night and an air ball to close it. For two quarters in between, the Boston Celtics forward looked more than a superstar he had become throughout this playoff run. But in the last two games, Tatum and his teammates have left a title on the board.

On Thursday, the Celtics have one last chance to avoid being a footnote in the Golden State Warriors legacy, and two more if they force a third straight Game 7 against a more experienced team. Tatum has responded extravagantly in three previous games. He’ll have to do it twice more to avoid a championship loss. Tatum is maintaining a straightforward approach to save the series.

Tatum said:

“I’ve said it before: You better be confident, right?, we ain’t got to win two in one day.”

He further added: “We’ve been in this situation even before so it’s not over, we got to win on Thursday. That’s all we have to worry about right now.”

Boston will look to straighten up a number of major flaws ahead of Game 6, beginning with their turnovers (19) and a slow start in the first quarter. The Celtics’ problems left them with a small margin for error throughout the night, as they went trailed by double digits in the first quarter.

“We got to be better,” Tatum said. “We’re hard to beat when we don’t turn the ball over. Clearly, we’re easy to beat when we do turn the ball over.

At TD Garden, where Boston is just 4-5 since the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The struggle will be immense against a Warriors club with a championship legacy among its players. The Celtics have shown resiliency throughout the season. They will confront their toughest challenge against a team seeking their fourth crown in the last decade.

Both teams will face off each other on Thursday in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.


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Warriors-Celtics score, takeaways: Despite Steph Curry’s off night, Golden State takes control of the NBA Finals.

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