J.R. Smith Takes on Damian Lillard’s Devotion to Portland Trail Blazers


For the past ten years, Damian Lillard has repeatedly declared his devotion to the Portland Trail Blazers. However, the franchise player for the Blazers has met with conflicting opinions about why he chooses to remain rather than sign with a superstar elsewhere for a supposedly better shot at a title. Fans and players do have conflicting views about Damian Lillard’s decision to play in Portland and try to win a championship rather than join up with other stars.

NBA veteran J.R. Smith most definitely does not embrace that mentality. Smith wonders why he chose to stay in Portland after playing in the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers five times in his last six seasons.

Damian is dedicated to Portland both out of loyalty and for the sake of success. The Blazers are acquiring experienced postseason competitors in Jerami Grant and Gary Payton II this offseason in an effort to reach the playoffs once more and contend for the NBA title.

This offseason, the Portland Trail Blazers extended Damien Lillard’s deal. He will remain in Portland through his age-36. JR Smith, a former NBA champion, had something to say about it:

“I love his game. I respect him for doing what he’s doing. But at the same, it’s like ‘Are you just going to rot in Portland, bro? You are unbelievable.’”

Smith acknowledged that he is a tremendous fan of the player’s talent before challenging Damian’s 32-year-old decision to stick with Portland and “rot” with the Trail Blazers.

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