“It’s So Sad That We Have To Defend Him,” says Bob Meyers, who is baffled about why Stephen Curry’s reputation continues to be attacked.

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Stephen Curry is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of his generation. People are becoming more appreciative of him as his career progresses. Despite a few setbacks throughout the regular season, Curry has cemented his place as an all-time point guard. Steph’s place at the table of the greatest players in history is safe now that he has won another championship.

Bob Myers, the Warriors’ general manager, has watched Curry grow into the franchise’s cornerstone over the years. Curry wonders why people continue to try to undermine his reputation after seeing him achieve so much.

This what Bob Meyers had to say:

“I don’t (get it) either,” Myers said. “This guy is a made-man. Forget about this Final, it’s already been done, he’s already done it. He’s already proven it. I don’t know what else he has to continue to prove. That stat, I read that, it’s tremendous. But why is that eye-opening? Why can’t that just be ‘oh yeah, he is as good as those guys.’ It’s almost ‘oh my gosh I didn’t know Steph averaged those kind of numbers.’ Then what are you watching? What are you looking at? He’s been doing it, this is his sixth Finals in eight years. Have we not watched him? Have we not watched him over the regular season? I don’t know if it’s envy, I don’t know what it is about him that causes people to fail to recognize what he’s doing out there, or reluctantly praise him.”

Curry has a great rep and Team around him

The Warriors have surrounded Steph Curry, the only unanimous MVP in league history, with some incredible supporting cast members who have helped him maximize his value.

His accomplishments speak for themselves, and it will be difficult to criticize him. Hatred will continue to be aimed towards him as long as he is still playing and sabotaging other franchises’ title prospects. The flowers will arrive in due time, and Curry still has plenty of fuel left in the tank to add to his impressive career.


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