Insider Report: Lakers Offense Plans for the Upcoming NBA Season


According to an NBA insider, Darvin Ham will use Anthony Davis to run the Lakers’ offence.

When healthy, Anthony Davis ranks among the top big men in the league. He can score from a number of spots on offence and is a top-notch rim protector and multi-positional defender, making him versatile on both sides of the court. Anthony Davis averaged 23.2 points per game, 9.9 rebounds per game, and 3.1 assists per game despite having a poor season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Without a doubt, Anthony Davis was a superstar-caliber player at the height of his game who could carry an entire attack. He has previously been mentioned as the Los Angeles Lakers’ No. 1 option, according to some reports.

New Coach New Tactics

It appears that Anthony Davis will get the chance to be the centre of the Lakers’ offence under new coach Darvin Ham. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Darvin Ham will “implement and stay with” this as his “one wrinkle,” and the team also thinks Anthony Davis will be “in top condition to prevent serious injuries and handle a bigger load.”

Could be a top player next season

Anthony Davis is without a doubt gifted, and it will be interesting to watch if he develops into a player who can serve as the Los Angeles Lakers’ primary offensive option. That is somewhat necessary because LeBron James won’t get any younger.

The Los Angeles Lakers should return to the playoffs next season, hopefully. Anthony Davis might finally develop into the league’s top option and possibly an MVP-caliber player by the end of the next season.

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