Highly Anticipated Rookie Duels to Watch in the 2023 NBA Season

Highly Anticipated Rookie Duels

Beyond the epic battles between established NBA giants like Antetokounmpo and Jokic, and Doncic and Curry, there’s another thrilling aspect to the league’s landscape – the eagerly awaited matchups between the freshest talents. The excitement surrounding these fledgling players’ inaugural face-offs is palpable, as they showcase their potential and set the stage for what might become defining matchups for years to come. Here, we delve into five of the most anticipated rookie duels set to unfold during the 2023 FIBA World Cup, offering a glimpse into the future stars of the NBA.

1. Victor Wembanyama vs. Scoot Henderson

• Spurs at Trail Blazers | Dec. 28 (10 ET, NBA League Pass)


The anticipation for this matchup traces back to a captivating encounter in October 2022 when Wembanyama’s Metropolitans 92 squared off against Henderson’s G League Ignite squad. Both 18-year-olds delivered an awe-inspiring performance, with Henderson contributing 28 points, five rebounds, nine assists, and two steals, while Wembanyama countered with a 37-point effort coupled with five blocks and four rebounds. This meeting promises to reignite their friendly rivalry and capture the imagination of fans worldwide.

2. Victor Wembanyama vs. Brandon Miller

Hornets at Spurs | Jan. 12 (10 ET, ESPN)


In this matchup, the first and second picks of the Draft face off in a showdown that transcends mere numbers. Miller’s journey to the second spot might not have been as dominant as Wembanyama’s rise, but the intrigue surrounding this head-to-head battle adds to the excitement. As two promising prospects, their performances will undoubtedly fuel discussions about the hierarchy of this new generation of talent.


3. Amen Thompson vs. Ausar Thompson

• Rockets at Pistons | Jan. 12 (7:30 ET, ESPN)


Twin brothers Amen and Ausar Thompson bring a unique familial rivalry to this encounter. Having shared the journey from birth to high school, and even the Overtime Elite League, their separation from the NBA marks a significant chapter. Fans will enjoy comparing their styles and contributions, while the Thompson brothers continue to cherish the bond they’ve shared throughout their basketball journey.

4. Victor Wembanyama vs. Bilal Coulibaly

• Spurs at Wizards | Jan. 20 (7 ET, NBA League Pass)


The matchup between Wembanyama and Coulibaly showcases the talent emerging from Metropolitans 92. Coulibaly, often in Wembanyama’s shadow, displayed his potential during the Summer League with solid performances, setting the stage for this intriguing battle. As fellow Frenchmen and teammates, their encounter will be a testament to the camaraderie and competition within the ranks of the Class of 2023.

5. Brandon Miller vs. Scoot Henderson

• Hornets at Trail Blazers | Feb. 25 (9 ET, NBA League Pass)


This clash holds an air of rivalry, as the two rookies’ fates interweaved, albeit one pick apart in the Draft. Henderson’s selection by Portland played a role in the Damian Lillard trade narrative, while Miller’s arrival in Charlotte impacted their backcourt dynamics. The matchup between these two promises a glimpse into the evolving storylines of these two franchises, both eager to usher in their new era of talent.


As the 2023 FIBA World Cup approaches, the basketball world is buzzing with excitement over these eagerly anticipated rookie duels. These head-to-head matchups are more than just individual battles; they offer a glimpse into the future of the NBA and the captivating narratives that will shape the league for years to come. Get ready to witness these rising stars take their first steps onto the global stage and make their mark on the basketball world.


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