Has the Original Rocky Left the Denver Nuggets? He Isn’t What He Used to Be a Few Years Back

rocky the mountain lion

Fans have been in awe of Rocky, the Denver Nuggets’ mountain lion mascot, for decades. Rocky is a comical and acrobatic crowd-pleaser who thrills both children and adults with his huge dance routines and skits as well as his half-court shots.

In fact, a recent poll last year of 1,500 basketball fans dubbed Rocky the NBA’s finest mascot.

Even though the Nuggets mascot continues to be popular, he seems a little different these days. He doesn’t exhibit the same characteristics or energy. Fans are discussing this on social media and speculating as to whether it’s the same Rocky they have been cheering for more than three decades.

On December 15, 1990, Rocky was born in the Rocky Mountains, dressed as the initial “preposterous puma” costume by former Utah State University college mascot Kenn Solomon, who had been an intern at the Rocky Mountain News that year.

All Good things come to an end

Rocky the mascot was first introduced way back in 2008 and its been over 14 years now. Despite being a character, Rocky is still human inside. There is a chance that Rocky might just have grown a bit to old, to regularly perform the stunts he used too. Or even worse, he might have been replaced but the new Rocky isn’t quite living up to expectations.

New Season, Maybe Similar Rocky?

There is a probability that their may be more than one man behind the mask and that the favorite Rocky mascot may make a comeback. Moreover, it is possible that Denver has hired a better one this year-round. I don’t know about you guys, but I kinda wish we get to see the old rocky the mountain lion.


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