Gilbert Arenas Criticizes NBA Teams for Trying to Imitate the GSW

Gilbert Arenas criticizes

Gilbert Arenas criticizes and makes some valid concerns, but it doesn’t appear that teams will soon stop hitting three-pointers.

Throughout its illustrious history, the NBA has experienced many various periods. At the moment, the game is characterized by the era of the three-point shot. It’s getting harder to make it in the league if you can’t hit threes at a respectable rate as teams shoot more threes with each passing season. Gilbert Arenas criticizes thinks that teams are doing themselves harm by trying to replicate the success of the Golden State Warriors, despite the fact that many fans are used to such outrageous three-point shooting percentages.

With their frequent three-point shooting, the Warriors have significantly changed the game of basketball, to the point where nearly every team has adopted a similar approach in recent years. But is that the best course of action for them to take in order to win more games? Arenas disagrees, arguing that because other teams lack the Warriors’ level of talent, players who aren’t very strong shooters end up taking more threes to keep up with their team’s offensive flow.

Gilbert Arenas criticizes

“You don’t have Steph, Klay, Poole, KD, you do not have those guys. You need some s*** that fits you. There’s no way 90 percent of the league is shooting more threes than Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. What is wrong with y’all? This is crazy as hell, just to chuck them s***s.” – Gilbert Arenas, Gil’s Arena

When your team features renowned three-point shooters like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, it is simple to take and make lots of threes, but not every team has players of that caliber. Gilbert Arenas criticizes that nowadays, most players at least have a serviceable three-point shooting, but even so, they frequently take too many threes, which leads to a lot of lost possessions. Teams might frequently make better use of such opportunities if they attacked the paint rather than settling for a three-point shot from a shaky shooter.

Three is more than two, but if teams stopped taking so many threes, the number of attempts that they are missing from beyond the arc could be converted into points. Since then, some teams have built their lineups to function similarly to the Warriors and have the personnel to do it, but others simply don’t. Arenas’ arguments make a lot of sense, but sadly for him, it appears that teams will simply keep shooting more threes as time goes on.


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