Former Nebraska Women’s Basketball Player Files Lawsuit Alleging Inappropriate Relationship

Former Nebraska Women's Basketball Player Files Lawsuit Alleging Inappropriate Relationship

A lawsuit has been initiated by Ashley Scoggin, a former guard for the Nebraska women’s basketball team, in U.S. District Court. The lawsuit alleges that coach Amy Williams and athletic director Trev Alberts failed to take appropriate action upon learning of Scoggin’s sexual relationship with then-associate head coach Chuck Love.

Scoggin’s lawsuit asserts that Love targeted her, leading to a sexual relationship that she felt unable to reject due to concerns about potential retaliation. Both Williams and Alberts have refrained from commenting on the matter, as reported by the Associated Press.

Scoggin’s attorney, Maren Chaloupka, highlighted the significant power imbalance between coaches and student-athletes, emphasizing the responsibility of universities to prevent and address such predatory situations.

In February 2022, Love was suspended with pay, while Scoggin was subsequently dismissed from the Cornhuskers. The lawsuit, filed by Scoggin’s attorney, was brought to Nebraska’s attention shortly thereafter.

The lawsuit details how the situation unfolded in 2021 when Scoggin expressed interest in coaching, leading to Love offering mentorship. Allegations include Love repeatedly pursuing Scoggin, despite being married, and ultimately pressuring her into a physical relationship.

A pivotal moment arose when Scoggin was recorded in Love’s room by teammates and male practice players, leading to chaos within the team. The lawsuit suggests that Williams failed to appropriately address the situation, instead casting blame on Scoggin.

Scoggin claims she was unaware of her Title IX protections and was subsequently informed by Williams that she was no longer part of the team. The lawsuit accuses Nebraska, Williams, and Alberts of prioritizing the program’s reputation over Scoggin’s well-being.

In summary, the lawsuit filed by Scoggin sheds light on allegations of misconduct within the Nebraska women’s basketball program, emphasizing the need for institutions to prioritize the safety and rights of student-athletes.


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