Former NBA Star Criticizes Team USA Following Defeat to Lithuania

Former NBA Star Criticizes Team USA Following Defeat to Lithuania

Gilbert Arenas, a former NBA and Memphis Grizzlies player, has voiced strong criticism against USA Basketball. NBA star criticizes team USA, which suffered a loss to Lithuania in the FIBA World Cup, with a final score of 110-104. While many have expressed concerns about Team USA not fielding their optimal roster for this World Cup, few have been as vocal about it as Gilbert Arenas, who concluded his NBA career with the Memphis Grizzlies after earning three All-Star selections with the Washington Wizards.

Arenas took to his show, Gil’s Arena, to deliver his critique of Team USA, sharing a video clip with a caption that read, “Team USA took that weak roster to the World Cup, and look what happened,”

In the clip, Arenas the Memphis Grizzlies and NBA star criticizes Team USA  commenting, “As a group, we could say this is probably what? F-list compared to what we have. Compared to all the players in the NBA. When we’re talking about [C-list], we’re talking about Jimmy Butler, [Jaylen Brown]. That would be considered a C group… [Devin] Booker would be what, B? Zion Williamson, that’s the B group. Ja Morant, that’s the B group. So this is an F group, compared to what we have.”
Arenas’ assessment, while critical, holds some truth. This Team USA roster, while talented, falls short of the star-studded lineups that USA Basketball has been capable of assembling in the past.

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