Former NBA Player Reveals Startling Team USA Experience

Former NBA Player Reveals Startling Team USA Experience

Gilbert Arenas, a Former Guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, Former NBA Player decides to Step Away from Team USA Basketball.

During the ongoing FIBA World Cup, discussions about Team USA have gained prominence in various basketball talk shows. In a recent episode of the show “Gil’s Arena,” Gilbert Arenas, a former NBA star, shares a surprising account of his time with Team USA—a narrative that ultimately led him to depart from the team before they had the chance to remove him.

“I pulled my groin,” Arenas recounts. “And I thought it was the same – I didn’t want that same lingering injury I had my first year in Washington, so I went to Colangelo and said, ‘Hey man, I pulled my groin, I tweaked it, I don’t know how long this is going to be lingering, so I don’t want to hold up a spot for someone who is trying to make this team.’ He hurt my feelings with his answer, he said, ‘You were on the bubble anyways, so if you gotta go home, you gotta go home.’ Bubble?… The f–k are you talking about, bubble?”

Arenas reveals that in that moment, he decided to depart and later went on to share a comprehensive interview that shed light on the entire episode. This incident was particularly jarring for Arenas as he firmly believed he was among the most valuable candidates for Team USA. However, the team’s management evidently held a contrasting view regarding their available choices, and this led to the departure of the two-time All-Star even before the commencement of the games.

Concluding his NBA career as a player for the Memphis Grizzlies, Former NBA player Arenas accumulated 11 seasons in the league.


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