Durant, Lillard, NBA Players on Noah Lyles’ ‘World Champion’ Comment

Durant, Lillard, NBA Players on Noah Lyles' 'World Champion' Comment

U.S. Track and Field athlete Noah Lyles ‘World Champion’ comment has posed a question that has elicited responses from NBA players.

Lyles has expressed skepticism about NBA players utilizing the title “world champion” when discussing their victory of the Larry O’Brien trophy, raising the query, “world champion of what… the United States?”

Prominent NBA figures like Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, and Aaron Gordon have all weighed in with their reactions to Lyles’ inquiry.

Durant retorted on Noah Lyles’ ‘World Champion’ Comment, “somebody help this brother” while Gordon lightheartedly suggested a 200-meter race as a challenge. The consensus among these players is that Lyles’ point lacks validity.

Lyles’ perspective revolves around the NBA’s primary focus being within North America, with the Toronto Raptors being the lone team situated outside the continental United States. Lyles and other athletes from Olympic sports contend with rivals from all corners of the globe.

Conversely, NBA stars argue about the challenges posed by competing in the league. The NBA boasts a global presence, featuring talents such as Nikola Jokić, Luka Dončić, and 2023’s top pick, Victor Wembanyama—all hailing from countries beyond the U.S.

Furthermore, the NBA is regarded as the pinnacle of professional basketball.

Additionally, the U.S. international basketball team boasts an illustrious history, securing 16 Olympic gold medals, five FIBA World Cup titles, and seven FIBA AmeriCup victories. These accomplishments are noteworthy, even accounting for the fact that numerous top players opt out of international competitions.

In terms of linguistic intricacies, Lyles’ perspective may possess merit. However, the NBA champion is widely acknowledged as the world champion due to the league’s prestige and the exceptional skills on display. This standpoint aligns with the stance of NBA players, lending weight to their argument.

The divergence in opinions likely stems from the nature of the respective sports. Track and field operates on an international scale, while basketball places a stronger emphasis on league dynamics.


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