Draymond was Yelling at Doncic After the Game as Stephen Drilled a no Look Three


Mavericks lost three consecutive games of the Conference Finals to Golden State Warriors  

Luka Doncic got engaged in a fiery exchange of words with the players of the Golden State Warriors when they taunted him as Stephen Curry churned out a no-look three in the third game of the Conference Finals.

Doncic doesn’t take kindly to being disrespected, he was jawing at Stephen, and after the game, when Stephen went to his teammates, they started taunting the Mavs forward. Draymond Green was yelling at Doncic as people between them and assured that the situation doesn’t escalate. They were throwing words at each other about the no-look shooting from Curry.

Warriors are leading from the front with 3-0 on the board, and they are looking promising to win the series, thwarting Mavs in the fourth game. They forced the Mavs to bite the dust three times in the series convincingly. Doncic is struggling with his form and the way Curry drilled the three points cut deep for Doncic.

Doncic said that everyone is tough when they are up and engineering a comeback after 2-0 is not a piece of cake. The Warriors are acting tough when they are up, but the Mavericks are yet to respond.

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