Draymond Green wasn’t Surprised by the Terrific Performance from Curry in Game 4 Despite His Injury

Stephen Curry made hits in Game 4


Some people were surprised by the scoring outburst, but Draymond Green, his teammate, was not.

Stephen Curry scored 43 points in Total in Game 4 against the Boston Celtics. It’s safe to say that it was an all-time effort from the legendary shooting guard.

Draymond Green said he “could feel” Stephen Curry was “going to come out with additional fire” in Game 4. That Curry “wasn’t going to let” the Golden fall.

Throughout this Finals game, Stephen Curry has to lead the Golden State Warriors competitively, and it was evident in Game 4. Klay Thompson went so far as to concede that some other Warriors players should be doing more to assist Curry. Moreover, Curry has dragged the club “through so many lulls.”

He said: “Especially if the other guys, including myself, don’t have it going, Steph has carried us. Come Game 5, we’re going to have to help him out. To ask him to score 43 nightly is ridiculous. It’s just special to watch what he does. He does it so often, we take it for granted”

It needs to be seen whether Stephen Curry can lead the Warriors to another victory and win the ultimate Finals MVP award which has eluded him. If the Warriors win, his performance will almost probably earn them the trophy.

However, the Boston Celtics will not be a simple one to defeat in this series, and the Finals are still up for grabs. It’s difficult to play against the Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry at the forefront.

Despite foot injury, Curry performed well

Stephen Curry delivered on his best NBA Finals effort of his career, and he did so at the perfect moment. Although there were questions about Curry’s health coming into the game due to the obvious foot injury, he suffered in Game 3, he didn’t appear to be concerned by it. When he possessed the ball, he shot well from long range and made things difficult for the Celtics.

As much as Curry was confident for his defense in Game 3, he simply demonstrated that his superior offence and striking overshadowed everything. Now the series is deadlocked at 2-2, Curry will be expecting that Draymond Green is the next player to have a big season. After all, he only scored two points, despite grabbing nine rebounds and dishing out eight assists.

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NBA Finals Warriors Vs Celtic: Stephen Curry Steals the Show and Sets Some Records along the Way

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