Draymond Green Take on the Celtics Path to a Dynasty

Draymond Green Take on the Celtics Path to a Dynasty
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Draymond Green, an experienced player for the Warriors, thinks the Boston Celtics will encounter major obstacles. To accomplish the same goal.

Celtics’ Recent Victory

The Celtics began their path to becoming a dynasty by beating the Dallas Mavericks in five games to win the 2024 NBA Finals. Boston Celtics achieved their 18th league title, creating a new record and their first win since 2008, Draymond Green elaborates on the challenges of duplicating Golden State’s success in the modern NBA.

The Challenges Ahead

“I believe that this team is well positioned to contend for several championships,” Green stated during his podcast. However, I don’t believe a potential dynasty will come to fruition given the new rules and a second apron.

The recently implemented NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, in place since July 2023, hinders sustained success. A second luxury tax apron is introduced, while teams exceeding it lose the Taxpayer Mid-Level exception. This makes it more difficult for teams to retain their important players.

Financial Hurdles

The Celtics inked a $286.2 million supermax deal with Finals MVP Jaylen Brown for five years. Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis both have agreements that extend over a long period of time. Jayson Tatum is now able to sign an expensive supermax extension, which presents difficulties in sustaining a championship team due to the new regulations.

“The effects of those agreements will begin to be felt,” Green stated. Once you reach the second apron, everything is different. Given those guidelines, it remains uncertain if we will witness the rise of another dominant regime, yet there is potential to establish one swiftly.

Maintaining Hunger and Drive

Green stated that maintaining an equal level of hunger for future championships poses a challenge. He stated that their hunger for the next championship won’t be as intense as it was for the first one. “It simply isn’t practical.” Their objective is to achieve victory once more, but the motivation is lacking.


Creating a dynasty necessitates a committed front office, ideal conditions, and advantageous regulations. The NBA has evolved, leading Green to question if any team can duplicate the Warriors’ four-championship streak. “After winning three, they started referring to us as a dynasty,” he stated. “They have an opportunity, but it must occur soon.” Is it going to happen? I am unsure.

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