Draymond Green lands in Trouble Reportedly after Punching Jordan Poole during Practice

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole

The organization will probably discipline Golden State Warriors’ veteran Draymond Green for allegedly punching teammate Jordan Poole. On Wednesday during practice, Green, 32, and Poole, 23, were exchanging jabs when things rapidly got heated.

Poole finished the practice session after the teammates had to be separated. It was said that he wasn’t wounded physically. Green is well known for being feisty and has fought with players in the past, notably Kevin Durant. The Warriors punished Green for one game after that heated altercation on the court.

The Warriors’ impassioned captain, Draymond Green, 32, is one of the NBA’s most dynamic and contentious characters. The 23-year-old Poole, who is in his fourth season with Golden State, had a breakout campaign last year. He averaged 18.5 points per game. Since Poole is now set to become a restricted free agent next summer, he is also engaged in contract talks with the Warriors.

Draymond Green Incident: Beginning of the End for Golden State Warriors?

The futures of Green and Poole with the team are still up in the air. If the Warriors do not give Green what he wants after this season, Green may choose to opt-out of his contract, and Poole will become a restricted free agency.

This match may mark the beginning of Golden State’s demise. If need be, the Warriors might decide to go with Poole over Draymond Green since he represents the future of the team.

Draymond Green’s actions are hardly surprising and may not be all that unusual for NBA teams as a whole (after all, Warriors coach Steve Kerr is infamous for once punching then-Chicago Bulls colleague Michael Jordan during a practice in the 1990s). However, it is important to remember that Green has already faced punishment from the Warriors for altercations with his teammates.

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