‘Don’t Look Past Them… This Is Far From Over.’ Says Jayson Tatum


Boston Celtics’ star refused to rule out Miami Heat comeback after leading the series 3-2

Unlike Westerns Conference Finals, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are going on at each in the Eastern Finals and the series is far from decided. It has been like a see-saw game, with the balance shifting regularly. After levelling the series 2-2 last week, Miami Heat lost a very closely contested match. Boston Celtics didn’t look comfortable throughout the match but managed to go on a run in the 4th quarter to seal the deal.

As the next match is set to be played at Celtics’ stronghold, many people expect Celtics to seal the deal. It would be very understandable for Celtics as well to win the series in the 6th match, rather than going into the 7th match with series tied and yet to be won. Though many believed the series to be over, Jayson Tatum and the Celtics refused to believe so.

After the 5th game at Miami, Jayson Tatum spoke to the media and claimed that the series is far from over and warned his teammates and Fans to not take Miami so lightly. “Don’t look past them… You guys say on TV that we’re going to the championship. This is far from over. We just went into Milwaukee and won a very big Game 6. So, know it’s possible… This is a great team, well-coached, and they’re not going to give up. It’s not going to be easy… It’s gonna be a challenge but it’s going to be fun.”

There should be no doubt about whether Miami can make a comeback or not, especially having players like Jimmy Butler. He has been playing one of the best finals of his career and has a reputation of standing up in the big games, where it matters the most. All he needs is some support from his teammates and Miami can surely make the 7th and final match of the series much more interesting.

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