Doncic Regarded his Third All-NBA First Team in 4th Season as Blessing


Mavs won the fourth game of the Conference Finals to remain in the contest for the title. 

The next generational NBA superstar Luka Doncic has made three All-NBA teams in his first four seasons in the league. He became the first to receive the honor after Tim Duncan. Since his arrival at Mavericks, he changed the dynamic of the team and took them to three successive playoffs. They are now playing against the Golden State Warrior in the Conference Finals. Although they lost the first three games they thrashed the Warriors in the fourth game of the series and now looking to make a comeback and win the finals.

He has played a pivotal role in Maverick’s win in the fourth game and has changed the face of Mavs during his trot with the franchise. He shared a humble response after making it to the All-NBA First Team again. Pundits say that he has to be constant with his performances and as the NBA teams are extremely subjective season to season and to make himself relevant he had to pull a rabbit from his hat in each game.

Luka is the most impeccable player in the NBA with monstrous stats to his card. He can make rebounds, score points, and has a huge knowledge of the game. He is a playmaker, a genius of Basketball. His role in making Dallas to the playoffs this season is undeniable. The sky is the limit for Luka Doncic and if he keeps performing we might witness a generational all-time player in the future.

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