DJ Steward: Rising Star with NBA Dreams

DJ Steward: Rising Star with NBA Dreams
Image Credit: DJ Steward

DJ Steward is creating a stir in the basketball scene. Following a successful stint with the Maine Celtics, the G League team of the Boston Celtics, he is now looking to showcase his skills in the NBA Summer League with the Chicago Bulls.

Impressive G League Performance

Steward ended the Maine Celtics’ regular season with an average of 19.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game. In 32 games, he made shots at a 47.6% accuracy from the field and a 35.8% accuracy from three-point range, with five starts. His exceptional showing showcases his capacity to make a difference on a more elevated scale.

High School and College Highlights

Steward showed great potential when he was ranked the 25th-best player in the nation by ESPN after finishing high school. During his time at Duke, he participated in one season of college basketball and maintained averages of 13.0 points, 3.9 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. In 24 games, he made 42.6% of his field goals and 34.1% of his shots from beyond the arc. Even though he only played one season in college, Steward demonstrated his ability to compete with top players.

Potential NBA Opportunity

At the age of 22, Steward is continuing to patiently anticipate his opportunity in the NBA. In the G League, he typically scores 15.5 points, grabs 3.8 rebounds, and dishes out 3.9 assists per game, while shooting 46.7% from the field and 36.3% from beyond the arc. This data shows how he has consistently improved and grown as a player.

Joining the Bulls

On July 5, the Chicago Bulls announced the addition of Steward to their NBA Summer League roster. Should Steward make a good impression in the Summer League, he may secure a place in an NBA team’s training camp next month. The Bulls, who ended the 2023-24 season in ninth place in the Eastern Conference with a 39-43 record, failed to make the playoffs after being defeated by the Miami Heat in the play-in tournament. They are seeking new talent to strengthen their team.

A Bright Future Ahead

DJ Steward path from standout in high school to excelling in the G League demonstrates his commitment and talent. Focused on making it to the NBA, this summer may offer him the opportunity to stand out. Both fans and coaches will be keeping a close eye, eager to witness this young talent progress further in his basketball journey.

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