Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins Shocking Statement on COVID-19 Vaccination


Andrew Wiggins had been the most exceptional player in the last season as he helped the Warriors to grab their fourth title in eight years. The 2021-22 season marked Wiggins’ first NBA title.

Even though he wouldn’t have been able to play at hometown for the ultimate NBA champions without the COVID-19 vaccine, Golden State Warriors All-Star Andrew Wiggins admitted he had some regrets about getting vaccinated. These remarks are quite similar to what Wiggins said in October following the vaccination.

Despite the victory, Andrew has some regrets

Andrew Wiggins said in an interview with FanSided’s Mark Carman while getting his vaccine:

“I still wish I didn’t get it, to be honest with you, but you know you gotta do what you gotta do. I did it and I was an All-Star this year and (a) champion. So, that was the good part, just not missing out on the year – best year of my career.”

He further added:

“But for my body? I just don’t like putting all that stuff in my body so I didn’t like that and then I didn’t like that it wasn’t my choice. I didn’t like that. It was either get this or don’t play.”

According to his statement, he was forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, every player was supposed to complete his vaccination if they want to play.

The COVID-19 vaccination has been administered to over 200 million Americans. Research has shown that it is both safe and effective in significantly lowering the risk of severe illness and death. The 2021–22 NBA season was Wiggins’ most prosperous one as an American. He was selected as an All-Star for the first time and contributed significantly to the Warriors’ NBA championship run.

There is no doubt regarding Wiggins’ performance in the last season. Andrew Wiggins had his most impactful season in 2021-22. He was the most contributing player in the Warriors’ NBA title run and his extensive capabilities helped him earn the All-Star for the first time.

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