Dennis Rodmans At it Again, Gets Hammered in Presence of his son and Attacks his Wife


Dennis Rodman is a Legend of the GAME!

As one of history’s top defenders, Dennis Rodman is well-known for his abilities, talents and antics. Rodman made a name for himself as a respected defensive stopper throughout his stint in the NBA. The overlooked Rodman established himself in the NBA with his defensive prowess and ability to grab rebounds.

At the height of his fame, his antics in the spotlight made him a household name. The importance of his basketball career in comparison to his other contributions to popular culture may be forgotten.

Even after his retirement, the Bulls player was frequently in the center of controversy. His high-profile relationships, wild outbursts, and odd attire frequently made sports news.

The Worm has developed a reputation for the occasional extreme behavior. His reputation for hostility and insanity went before him because of his time playing for the Detroit Pistons. However, some of the noise was not entirely fictitious. After all, there is no smoke without a fire.

According to a 2012 story, Rodman obtained a court-issued restraining order after the jury decided in his ex-favor. wife’s

Why was a restraining order against Dennis given to Rodman’s wife?

According to legend, Rodman punched his ex-wife and allegedly drank some Jagermeister in front of his son. In a state of intoxication, Rodman is accused of breaking into his ex-home wife’s late at night and assaulting her.

Rodman, however, refutes all charges and asserts that he has an eyewitness to support him. If the rumor is true, it would be just another depressing incident connected to Rodman’s drug problems.

The five-time champion’s difficulties have been extensively documented. Rodman allegedly has trouble paying child support. Despite having made millions of dollars during his sporting career.

One would hope that he would have the strength to overcome his drinking and discover his true self. He should still be making contributions to basketball with a mind like his.

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