Cleveland Cavaliers Reveal their Picks for the 2022 NBA Draft


In the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft, the Cavaliers have three picks: one in the first round at No. 14, and two in the second round at Nos. 39 and 58. If they hit big on two of the three picks, they’ll be able to completely overhaul their roster, and they’ll be able to improve it by selling away a few of their inferior players and replacing them with rookies.

Before anyone gets too thrilled about the Cavs dropping three picks, keep in mind that the NBA Draft is significantly less trustworthy than, say, the NFL Draft. Outside of the Top 10, teams seldom find starters, let alone All-Stars, and even fewer are selected in the second round. So, while the Cavs are unlikely to unearth any big names late in the draft, there’s always the possibility of finding some great hidden talents.

It would be fantastic if they could find a few grinders or specialty, guys. A player in the mold of Lamar Stevens or Duncan Robinson would make this draft memorable. There is a good possibility that the Cavs land a starter-caliber player at No. 14, and that should be their top goal.

So, while we figured out who the Cavs should pick, we went to the NBA draft website and picked out three names that they think Cleveland needs to pick and we did a bit of a check to see if they will be good or bad.

  1. Malaki Branham

Malaki Branham is a little two-guard with excellent shooting abilities. He isn’t a perfect fit for the Cavaliers, though. The club is loaded with guards who play similarly to him, and if the Cavaliers bring back both Collin Sexton and Ricky Rubio this season (and possibly for a few seasons after), Branham’s ability to get on the court will be severely limited.

  1. Ismael Kamagate

A simple transfer for Rudy Gobert if you want a French center. It’s not like he’ll want for much in a trade; the Utah Jazz have done an excellent job of making him look bad by surrounding him with wingers who can’t defend, and then letting him take full responsibility. It’s no surprise that Utah is in shambles. Ismael Kamagate is a project selection, so drafting him is alright, but he’s not someone I’d go out of my way to get.

  1. Peyton Watson

Ismael Kamagate is a project selection, but Peyton Watson isn’t much of anything. At the very least, Kamagate was an important member of their team, playing about 30 minutes per game. Watson isn’t even a starter at this point. He only played 12 minutes a game at UCLA, averaging 3 points, 3 rebounds, and less than one assist. His shooting splits are terrible (.322/.226/.688), and he has yet to start a game for the Bruins.

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