Cincinnati Girls Basketball Coach Charged Accused of Attacking

Cincinnati Girls Basketball Coach Charged Accused of Attacking

A Cincinnati girls basketball coach has been apprehended following an altercation that took place during a game last month, as stated by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s report, deputies responded to a brawl in progress involving players, coaches, and officials on July 23 at the Triton High School gym in Shelby County. The contest was between the Cincinnati Indians Elite and the DSP Heat from Owensboro, arranged by Indiana U.S. Amateur Basketball.

On August 14, Cincinnati girls basketball coach Laquita Carter, who coaches the Cincinnati Indians Elite, was arrested and is presently detained at the Hamilton County Justice Center, awaiting extradition on charges of felony criminal confinement and felony battery.

An affidavit submitted in Shelby County, Indiana recounted that after the game was abruptly halted, players encircled the referee, and Carter physically restrained the referee, immobilizing her arms and preventing her from defending herself. Meanwhile, Carter’s 15-year-old son purportedly struck the referee in the face.

Detectives stated that Carter proceeded to assault and pursue the referee, tackling her and attempting to kick her in the head.

Members of the Cincinnati team reportedly kicked, punched, and pulled the woman’s hair. Her wig was forcibly removed, yanking out hair from her scalp.

Carter later spoke to WTHR, a sister station, in the following days.

“Our issue was not with the other team at all. The referee got into a stance like she was getting ready to come at the player, and that’s when the chaos broke out,” she said. “Definitely a learning experience for all, both sides, from our girls to the referees and to anyone out there.”
Cincinnati girls basketball coach Carter expressed remorse for the incident.

“Events like this should not transpire. Naturally, I feel deeply sorry for what unfolded,” she remarked. “It certainly should never have escalated to the point where the referee was attacked.”

According to the sheriff’s office, juvenile members of the Cincinnati Indians Elite girls’ and boys’ teams were also implicated in the physical altercation in the gymnasium, resulting in injury to another official.

Local officials conveyed their disappointment, although they were not surprised by the outbreak of violence.

Dave Campbell, an official with 34 years of experience who also assists local schools and sports programs in recruiting referees, stated, “Over the years, the number of phone calls I get from officials asking not to go back to certain schools has increased tremendously,” he said. “I’ve had text messages sent to me, threatening me … I think it’s only a matter of time before we actually see it go even further than somebody just getting attacked.”

Campbell called for sports programs to establish a code of conduct for parents and fans.

“It’s OK to not like a call and to voice your concern, but when you come out the stands and come down onto the floor and threaten an official, stand outside the locker room cursing an official, threatening an official and even so much as waiting for them in the parking lot,” he said. “Who wants to put up with that for 50 bucks?”

Campbell urged the attacked referee to reach out to him if she requires support, noting that referees are often not covered by insurance if the game is not affiliated with a high school athletic conference.


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