Celtics Takes the Lead After a Tough Game 3 Matchup; 116-100

Celtics fans cheer

NBA Finals game 3 concluded with Boston Celtics taking the lead 2-1. Celtics took the lead from 2-0 up until the third quarter of the game and showed utter dominance. However, Golden State Warriors jumped right back into the game in the third quarter when they took the lead for the very first time in Game 3. It wasn’t for long though.

Celtics Bounces Back Hard

The Celtics came into Game 3 after a defeat in the previous game. Thanks to Jayson Tatum and his 26 points contribution, the Celtics bounced back hard. Tatum was assisted by Marcus Smart who added 24 points. Celtics played all-out offensive and showed how desperate they were to win the game. The team leads the offensive rebounds to 15-6, second-chance points 22-11, free throw attempts 24-15, and paint points 52-26. Celtics outclassed the Warriors in both offense and defense games.

Jaylen Brown Steals the Show Early On

The precedent was set by Jaylen Brown early on in the first quarter when he scored 17 points with five rebounds and three assists to his name. His game was exceptional in Q1 as he isolated and forced the opponent’s defense to change tactics. His game pattern made the Warriors focus on him which opened the rest of the team.

Warriors Retaliated

As for the Warriors, their first massive push came in the shape of Klay Thompson’s explosive play. His good playing form was evident in the second and third quarters of the game. He was joined by Steph Curry who closed in on the lead with four triple-pointers.

However, the Warriors couldn’t keep up with the momentum in the fourth quarter and the game got out of their hand. To make things worse, Curry suffered an injury to his ankle when Harford landed on his leg. The Celtics’ defense concentrated on Curry and Thompson which yielded results. Steph Curry failed to perform in the final quarter when it mattered the most.

Instrumental Player for Celtics

Robert Williams III also had a pretty decent run in Game 3 of the finals. His defense was solid with four blocks, he also contributed with 10 rebounds, and three steals in only 26 minutes of play.

Game 4 of the finals will take place at TD Garden on Friday.

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