Celtics Rookies Brighten Up Roxbury with Basketball Clinic

Celtics Rookies Brighten Up Roxbury with Basketball Clinic
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Celtics newcomers Baylor Scheierman and Anton Watson brightened the day of around 75 young locals at Roxbury Tobin Community Center with their basketball skills on Monday afternoon. During the basketball clinic organized by the Shamrock Foundation, the two 23-year-olds easily connected with the young participants, creating new bonds and exchanging their hoop aspirations.

A Budding Friendship

Prior to reaching Boston, Scheierman and Watson were only connected by being draft classmates. Nevertheless, in a short span of time, they have forged a solid bond on and off the basketball court as they gear up for their inaugural Summer League participation.

Scheierman pointed out, “Our birthdays are only 10 days apart,” noting that they are the same age. We have spent several years in college (both playing five years at Creighton and Gonzaga, respectively) and have gone through that journey. Understanding that and experiencing this new situation with someone who is going through the same things and being able to talk to them about anything is comforting and significant.

Shared Interests and Community Spirit

Their connection goes beyond just basketball. They both like golf, video games, and relaxing days at the lake. They both have a passion for the Red Sox and are excited to attend a game at Fenway. Above all, they share a commitment to giving back to the community, as evidenced by their eager involvement in the basketball clinic.

Scheierman expressed the importance of being new to Celtics and eager to engage with the Roxbury Tobin Community Center. The community provides strong backing for us, so whenever we have the opportunity to give back and bring joy to children, that’s truly the most important thing.

Building Chemistry on the Court

In the morning, Scheierman and Watson exchanged smiles at their initial Summer League practice at the Auerbach Center. They immediately formed a bond while playing on the court.

Watson expressed enjoyment in playing and meeting Scheierman, and getting to know him personally. “Yes, I can certainly sense that bond while playing on the basketball court.” I perceive myself as a playmaker who can deliver the ball to him in the right spots as he is a sharpshooter. Up until now, it has been enjoyable.

Looking Ahead

The new pair of players have just begun their adventure with the Celtics, yet their bond and teamwork are already solid. “I’m simply eager to nurture that connection as we spend more time together,” Scheierman expressed.

These two promising young players have a bright future ahead as they get ready to represent the defending NBA champions.

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