Austin Ainge’s Risky Statement on Baylor Scheierman

Austin Ainge's Risky Statement
Image Credit: Austin Ainge

In the recent NBA draft, the Boston Celtics made a strategic move, opting to keep their first-round pick and select Baylor Scheierman from Creighton University. Standing tall at 6-foot-7, Scheierman brings a versatile skill set to the Celtics, having averaged impressive stats of 18.5 points, nine rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game during his collegiate career. His shooting prowess, boasting a solid 38.1% from beyond the arc and a remarkable 87.6% from the free-throw line, makes him a promising addition to Boston’s roster.

Austin Ainge’s Risky Statement on Baylor Scheierman

When asked about Scheierman’s NBA player comparison, Celtics’ assistant GM Austin Ainge stirred the pot with a bold assertion: “He’s bigger and a little different, but Luke Kennard was also a high school quarterback and plays kind of similarly, so that’s something fans at home can think about.” A statement sure to ignite debate among NBA enthusiasts, comparing Scheierman to Kennard, a seasoned shooter known for his accuracy and free throw prowess.

“We’re excited about Baylor,” Ainge continued, emphasizing Scheierman’s resilience and experience gained from five years of competitive college basketball. At 23, Scheierman enters the NBA as a seasoned player, ready to contribute at a high level from day one. Ainge highlighted Scheierman’s toughness and maturity, qualities that could elevate the Celtics’ game on both ends of the court.

Looking deeper into the comparison, if Scheierman can mirror Kennard’s shooting efficiency—43.9% from three-point range throughout his career—Boston may have found a steal in the latter stages of the first round. Kennard’s ability to score off the bench, averaging 11 points per game last season with Memphis, underscores the impact Scheierman could potentially bring to the Celtics’ rotation.

Critics, however, question whether Scheierman’s skills justify his draft position. Some argue the Celtics took a risk by selecting him at No. 30, speculating on whether his college success will translate to the NBA stage. Experts weigh in, debating Scheierman’s potential and his role in Brad Stevens’ revamped Celtics lineup.

Ainge defended the pick, pointing out Scheierman’s consistent improvement throughout his college career—a trajectory that aligns with the Celtics’ developmental philosophy. “Everything got better,” Ainge remarked, emphasizing Scheierman’s upward trajectory as a pivotal factor in their decision-making process.

As Scheierman prepares to embark on his NBA journey, the spotlight intensifies on his development and adaptation to professional basketball. Will he live up to the Kennard comparison and become a reliable shooter for the Celtics? The upcoming season will unveil the answers, as Scheierman aims to carve out his niche in Boston’s competitive lineup.

In conclusion, while the comparisons and controversies swirl around Baylor Scheierman’s NBA potential, one thing remains certain—his journey from Creighton to the Celtics promises intrigue and excitement for basketball fans worldwide.

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