Celtics Faces Injury Woes Going into Game 3 of the NBA Finals

Robert Williams Celebrates Dunk

Boston Celtics face injury woes as its forward Robert Williams III is doubtful for Game 3 of the finals due to a sore left knee. It is still unclear whether he will make it to the playing team till Wednesday. However, the player has only missed one game in the past nine games and is braving the injury.

According to Celtics coach Ime Udoka, a hard collision between Williams and Marcus Smart resulted in the soreness. The good news here is that the knee didn’t suffer much after the collision except for soreness.

“He was more scared than anything, honestly,” Udoka shared in a press conference. “Said he took the hit in that knee, more so stayed down to make sure he was OK. Once he got up and started running, he was fine. No difference.”

In the previous game, Williams could only play 14 minutes in total. He had two points to his name, along with two rebounds and a couple of block shots.

The injury is impacting the forward’s game as he is playing it safe in the past few games. Williams’ knee inflamed during the Eastern Finals and had to sit out in Game 3 against Miami.

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