Celtics are More Likely to Clinch the Victory if the NBA Finals Trend Remains the Same



If the NBA 2022 playoffs trend continues, the Celtics are more likely to win the game against the Warriors.

The Celtics won the opening game of the NBA final series, and the Warriors have leveled the game at 2-2, many people still believe the Celtics will win the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Will the Boston Celtics beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals by adopting an unusual pattern? They’re only two wins away from achieving their goal. However, we have clearly discussed in our recent article that Stephen Curry will be a major challenge for Celtics.

The Prediction

One of the reasons both teams made it to the NBA Finals was their ability to bounce back after a loss. In this playoff, Boston is 7-0 after a loss, while Golden State is 6-0. If this tendency continues, the Celtics will emerge victorious in Game 7 of the series, just like they did in the previous two qualifying games. The Warriors will have to break the pattern in order to win their fourth title since 2015, although they can do in today’s game.

It might have seemed silly to stake a wager or make a prediction based on those numbers, but as of Game 5, the pattern is just three games away from sustaining.

Current Form Discussion

In the playoffs, the Warriors haven’t faced much competition. They only required 5 matches to overcome the Denver Nuggets (First Round) and Dallas Mavericks (Second Round). Only the second round against the Memphis Grizzlies took six games to complete (West Finals).

The Celtics, on the other hand, have a proven track record. In recent East playoff runs, they both required seven games to beat the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat. They repeatedly demonstrated in every game that they understand how to come back. Home-court benefit has not been a contributing factor for the Celtics in their recent series.

As a result, Game 5 will be pivotal for both sides. This will not only give the victor a 3-2 lead. It may also be the deciding factor in who will take home the title. The Warriors will try to end their losing streak with a win. However, the Celtics will choose to take a stance by not losing two games in a row.

Game 5 of the NBA Finals between Celtics and Warriors will be played on Monday at Chase Center. Tipoff is set for 9 p.m ET.

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