Caitlin Clark Makes a Stylish Statement at WNBA Draft in Prada Ensemble

Caitlin Clark Makes a Stylish Statement at WNBA Draft in Prada Ensemble

Caitlin Clark rose to prominence earlier this year when she went all out on the most fashionable slay at the WNBA draft wearing the extremely rare Prada ensemble when she was selected as the number one pick of the Indiana Fever.

Going to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York on April 15, 22-year-old, she put style into her Prada outfit. Clark took a more conventional route, wearing a Prada double white satin shirt and a skirt that could not go without notice. Her multicoloured embroidered rhinestone mesh top was also a part of her outfit on display. She tousled her hair with black brushed leather pumps and a slingback and accessorized with the black Galleria handbag and acetate sunglasses.

Indicating her affection for the product, a full quote: “I love Prad,” the actress mentions during an interview for GQ Sports on the red carpet. I soul-searched myself at Prada, and I think it matches my personality very well. Prada’s “disruption” since they are not sponsoring the WNBA or an NBA player for the draft, it’s very nice to have the brand and their assurance.

Adri Zgirdea Toth, a stylist who orchestrated Clark’s ensemble for the event, talked to Marie Claire, saying that “it is the first time we see the Prada brand involved in the drafting, and Caitlin is the first one to do that ever.” Both are exactly what they do, being the pioneers of the moves that they make—it’s almost very dramatic.

About a month after she made her signing with the WNBA official at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where the lucky seven met their WNBA team, Clark shared her gratitude for this leap of faith. Having given up her fifth year of eligibility at her university, she felt confident and optimistic about her new venture. “It is not a secret that I have been fantasizing about it since I was in second grade,” she reminded ESPN at the end of the interview. “It’s been such a big effort, ups and downs, but overall I have just tried to emotionally focus on this stage.”

Among the various other accolades Clark has received throughout her college basketball career, the National Player of the Year award has undoubtedly been the biggest. This makes her one of the most accomplished players in the NCAA. As a ranking NCAA all-time leading scorer, she has all the merits of being the first to score over at least 3,700 points, 1,000 assists, and 850 rebounds in a career.

The championship game of the 2023 season at the University of Iowa witnessed a notable high-viewership Philip, in which the number of the much-invested fans jumped to 9 million, a 103% hike compared to last year’s people attending the match. It is through games that are broadcast on ESPN, Fox, and NBC that Caitlin Clark has commanded a large fan following. She has been able to get women in college basketball noticed.


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