Caitlin Clark Elevates Iowa vs. Nebraska to Historic Women’s Basketball Viewership on CBS

Caitlin Clark Elevates Iowa vs. Nebraska to Historic Women's Basketball Viewership on CBS

Once again, Caitlin Clark has proven her ability to captivate audiences with another remarkable performance in college basketball, driving an unprecedented surge in television viewership.

Iowa’s thrilling victory over Nebraska in the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament final garnered significant attention, drawing an average of 3.02 million viewers on CBS. This remarkable viewership makes it the most-watched women’s basketball game on CBS since the iconic UConn-Tennessee matchup on January 10, 1999, peaking at 4.45 million viewers during overtime.

Sunday’s game stands as the second-highest watched women’s college basketball event of the season, trailing only last week’s Iowa-Ohio State clash on Fox, which attracted 3.39 million viewers. Moreover, it ranks as the third most-watched regular-season women’s college basketball game since 1999, underscoring the immense appeal of the matchup.

Additionally, other prominent women’s basketball matchups over the weekend also drew substantial viewership. ESPN recorded 1.96 million viewers for the intense South Carolina versus LSU showdown and 1.44 million viewers for USC’s triumph over Stanford. These figures mark the highest regular-season audience for women’s basketball on ESPN networks since 2010, highlighting the growing interest in the sport.

Notably, the Iowa-Nebraska women’s game garnered remarkable viewership, nearly rivalling the legendary Duke-Carolina men’s games, which have long set the standard for college basketball viewership. Despite airing on Sunday, the Iowa-Nebraska matchup attracted 3.02 million viewers on CBS, positioning it as the most-watched basketball game of the day across all networks.

According to Sports Media Watch, the Iowa-Nebraska women’s game ranks fifth among all college basketball games this season, transcending gender boundaries. It follows closely behind high-profile matchups like the NFL-boosted Michigan State-Arizona game on Thanksgiving and both Duke-North Carolina men’s games.

Caitlin Clark Tellar performance continues to elevate the profile of women’s college basketball, captivating audiences and reshaping the landscape of televised sports.


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