Boston Celtics Released Their NBA 2k23 Ratings With Jayson Tatum Secures Top-10


After Golden State Warriors, NBA 2k23 released their ratings for Boston Celtics players. Let’s dive into the NBA 2k23 ratings to find out where your favorite player stands.

Fans of the Boston Celtics (and the other 29 teams in the NBA) await the launch of a new version of NBA 2K every year to witness new updates. It always serves as the first preview of what the upcoming season might bring including players on new teams, new uniforms, and new ratings. Ratings always spark debate over the internet. Fans will debate about their favorite player, whether a certain player’s rating is too high, which of two players should be ranked higher, and which players’ ratings offend them.

Jayson jumps from 90 to 93

Jayson Tatum seals fifth place in top-10 rating in the ‘NBA 2k23’ game. Tatum’s rating of 93 represents a big improvement over his 90 rating in “NBA 2K22,” which both players and fans found to be disappointing at the time. Players often seem to have something to say about the ratings, with Durant being the most well-known star to have a problem with 2K’s rating adjustors.

Tatum was able to make the transition after finishing his first NBA season as a first-team All-Star and leading the Celtics to the NBA Finals. All-time career highs were achieved by the 24-year-old who concluded the season averaging 26.9 points, eight rebounds, and 4.4 assists per game while shooting 52.4% from two-point range. Tatum’s performance ought to keep getting better as we move into a season in which the Celtics made major bench upgrades.

Jaylen Brown follows the footsteps with 87 overall rating

You will not be surprised to see Jaylen Brown as the second highest player rated with an 87-overall rating. Jaylen Brown appeared to be a star player for the Celtics averaging 24 points and grabbing six rebounds per game. In January, he secured a career-high 50 points in a game against Orlando Magic.

The people at 2K have shown absolute affection for Robert Williams. His total rating of 85 this season is his greatest ever. Timelord almost averaged a double-double last year, which helped him establish a solid reputation. His contribution was most noticeable on the defensive end when he averaged 2.2 blocks per game, a career-high. Williams was selected to the NBA’s Second Team All-Defensive squad.

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