Betnijah Laney Has Played in 5 Teams in 6 Years, Where Has She Been the Best?

Betnijah Laney

2 Years in Chicago was the longest she stayed at one club

Betnijah Laney is 28 years old and has already played for 5 different teams in her professional WNBA career so far. She has recently been ruled out for 6-8 weeks due to a knee injury, following her second season with New York. This is only the second time she has played more than one season for a WNBA team.

Teams She has Played for (Games Played, Points Per Game, Turnovers, and Blocks Per Game)

Chicago: 40 Games Played, 2Points per Game, 0.5 Turnovers and 0.1 Blocks per Game (2015-16)

Connecticut: 29 Games Played, 2.7 Points Per Game, 0.6 Turnovers and 0 Blocks per Game (2018)

Indiana: 34 Games Played, 5.6 Points Per Game, 1.4 Turnovers and 0.1 Blocks per Game (2019)

Atlanta: 22 Games Played, 17.2 Points Per Game, 3 Turnovers and 0.1 Blocks per Game (2020)

New York: 32 Games Played, 16.8 Points Per Game, 3.7 Turnovers and 0.1 Blocks per Game (2021)

Her Game Improved with time

The weirdest thing, that despite her inconsistent performances she has been a part of 5 different teams. Each season she has done better than the last, with the exception of her 2020 season with Atlanta which was better than the 2021 New York season in terms of stats, though she played less matches.

Atlanta is where she shined most:

Being an attacking player, its no surprise that her defensive stats are quite poor in all years that she has played. Even though she only played 22 games for Atlanta, she was one of their best players and started all games that she was a part of. Her scoring was accurate and consistent, many must have thought she would stay at this club, having finally found the right rhythm. But she was bought the very next draft by New York.

Just as good in New York

She has been nearly just as good in her new colors, though her injury couldn’t have come at a worst time. I think its important for her to find some stability and play regularly with some similar faces.

Why has her game improved drastically all of a sudden?

When you look at her college stats, you’d see that she got better and better with each passing year. The reason probably lies in team chemistry and familiarity of play. She probably had a difficult time adjusting to the new play and understanding her team mates. Play time also helped her build her experience and work on her individual game.

I believe if she stayed in one team for a longer period of time, she might have better personal stats. Let’s see how long she spends in this New York Team.


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