Ben Simmons Hopes to Make a Comeback as Brooklyn Nets’ Lead Gaurd

Ben Simmons Hopes to Make a Comeback as Brooklyn Nets' Lead Gaurd

Ben Simmons, who has overcome recent injuries, aims to return as the primary playmaker for the Brooklyn Nets in the upcoming 2023-24 season, according to head coach Jacque Vaughn. Simmons has been actively participating in full-scale 5-on-5 training sessions during the offseason. Ben Simmons hopes to make a comeback and the Nets are hopeful that he can reclaim his role as a point guard.

In the previous season, Simmons faced considerable setbacks, missing games due to a nagging knee issue and a subsequent back injury that forced him to conclude his campaign prematurely. Even before these injuries, he had seen reduced playing time, partly because he lacked the physical strength required for certain tasks after undergoing back surgery in the prior offseason.

Ben Simmons Hopes to Make a Comeback

However, Coach Vaughn is optimistic about Simmons’ capabilities moving forward and believes he can handle the responsibilities assigned to him. Simmons, who made a name for himself as an All-Star point guard during his time in Philadelphia, still identifies as a lead guard. Last season with the Nets, he predominantly played as a forward or backup center, with Kyrie Irving assuming the point guard role following his trade to Brooklyn in February 2022, in exchange for James Harden.

Now, with Kyrie Irving no longer with the team and Simmons in better physical condition, Coach Vaughn envisions Simmons regaining his playmaking role. The plan is to allow Simmons to dictate the game when he consistently demonstrates his ability to do so.

Vaughn emphasized the importance of Simmons having the ball in his hands, stating, “I think if Ben is able to play consistently in a certain way, there’s no doubt then that he should have the basketball in his hands, You have to guard him with the basketball in his hands.”


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