Ben Gordon the Ex-NBA player Accused of Punching Son in the Face Multiple Times

Ben Gordon punched son

New information revealed in court docs on Tuesday claims that former NBA star Ben Gordon repeatedly beat his 10-year-old son in the face. The said incident happened after the boy dropped a book inside LaGuardia Airport. The youngster dropped a book on the floor of LaGuardia Airport on Monday night, and an American Airlines employee told police she saw the NBA shooting guard striking the boy. He was also screaming at him, according to the criminal complaint.

At his arraignment on Tuesday night in Queens Criminal Court, Gordon, 39, was accused of two counts of assault in the second degree. Moreover, two counts of assault in the third degree, criminal contempt in the first degree, criminal contempt in the second degree, endangering the welfare of a child, attempted assault in the third degree, and resisting arrest.

Bail was established at $20,000 in cash, a $50,000 insurance bond, or a $50,000 partially secured bond at 10%. The native of Vernon, who made an estimated $84 million throughout his NBA career, could not post bail right away. He will spend the night at Rikers Island. By dawn, he should have posted bail and been free.

According to the authorities, Gordon’s son received treatment at Long Island Jewish Children’s Hospital. The child’s father is subject to a protective order that was granted in May 2018. Gordon is not permitted to do so in accordance with the Illinois court ruling “engage in physical assault or harassment. The restriction of personal freedom “on his child is likewise forbidden.

Gordon is not permitted to take his son out of Illinois under the terms of the order of protection. At the time of the alleged beating, Gordon and the child were at LaGuardia Airport waiting for a flight.

Feud with the Police: More Problems for Gordon?

The former Chicago Bulls star is also accused of resisting arrest and hurting two Port Authority police as a result. According to the complaint, one of the Port Authority police attempted to handcuff Gordon. He “flailed his arms and twisted his body” and allegedly said, “I am not going with you people.”

The 6-foot-3 basketball player allegedly pressed the weight of his body against the two officers later. In resisting the arrest, he bruised one officer’s knee and the other’s arm and wrist, according to the report.

The NBA star’s recent arrest adds to his troublesome criminal record. He has a history of setting off fire alarms and locking himself in the restroom of a Mount Vernon store he owns. Gordon was also accused of fabricating a license plate. He allegedly attacked and brandished a knife at the management of his prior housing complex as well.

Gordon’s ex-girlfriend claimed that her ex-boyfriend did not strike his son at LaGuardia Airport on Monday, despite previous run-ins with the law. Gordon never punched his son, according to Ashley Banks, who also claimed that a “Karen” who recognized Gordon as a celebrity was the one who caused his arrest.

“I spoke with a child’s mother and she’s like, ‘he would absolutely never do that.’ The child’s fine. Safe. Was not hit at all,” Banks told The Post.

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