Anticipation Builds as 2024 NBA Draft Approaches

Anticipation Builds as 2024 NBA Draft Approaches
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With only a day left until the 2024 NBA Draft, the basketball community eagerly doing anticipation on the Atlanta Hawks’ choice for the top pick. Speculation about the Hawks’ selection has been widespread ever since they won the NBA Draft Lottery. At first, French center Alex Sarr was seen as the top choice, but recent events have made the situation less clear.

Alex Sarr’s Workout Controversy

Alex Sarr had a workout scheduled with the Hawks but pulled out at the last moment. During a recent radio interview, Hawks general manager Landry Fields discussed this issue, stating, “He was supposed to attend a workout session.” We scheduled it, but he refused to come for the workout. Fields did not reveal the teams Sarr worked out for, or his reasons for rejecting the Hawks’ invitation.

Hawks’ Due Diligence

Regardless of skipping the workout, Fields reassured fans that the Hawks have thoroughly researched Sarr. They encountered him at the NBA Combine, examined his medical records and evaluations, and obtained input from coaches. Fields stressed that they have thoroughly conducted their research. They claim they will still select him and he is being considered for the top pick.

Sarr’s Preferred Team

ESPN NBA analyst Brian Windhorst and draft analyst Jonathan Givony talked about Sarr’s circumstances on the Hoop Collective podcast. Givony hinted that Sarr may lean towards joining the Washington Wizards, as he believes the Wizards’ roster could offer better opportunities for playing and improvement than the Hawks. Speculation suggests the Hawks may be thinking about trading the top pick to the Wizards.

Zaccharie Risacher Emerges as a Favorite

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Sarr, French striker Zaccharie Risacher is now emerging as a top candidate for the No. 1 spot. Fields had positive remarks about Risacher, stating, “He is a talented player and is expected to be drafted early based on my sources.” He possesses numerous tools that are desirable at the NBA level.

Final Thoughts

As the draft nears, the Hawks are still unsure about their decision. Despite his strong defensive reputation, doubts linger about Sarr’s offensive capabilities. Fields addressed these worries, commenting, “I believe there are areas where Sarr and the rest of the team need to improve.” With Risacher currently leading as the top contender. The basketball community is eager to witness whether the Hawks will go with an unexpected choice or stick to the predicted selection.

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