An offer of a “win now compensation” may tempt New Orleans Pelicans to trade their 8th pick

New Orleans may trade their draft for what they described as a “win now compensation”.

The New Orleans Pelicans have enjoyed a relatively calm summer thus far, which is a good thing considering how turbulent last year was. The Pelicans have a lot of options for the 8th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, with 14 players already under contract and Zion Williamson returning to a team that made the playoffs without him.

Pelicans, currently, might look to sign one another youngster to add to their already futuristic team. This will help them make a good team for the future and put up a challenging team for the moment. But they also might go for a “big name signing”, depending on the stars currently available. In short, this off-season will come down to a “be patient or go for a big trade” decision. According to reports, the Pelicans might go for the latter, hence this season’s draft will be huge for New Orleans.

New Orleans Pelicans willing to trade the 8th pick
According to some reports, New Orleans may trade their draft for what they described as a “win now compensation”. According to these reports, Washington and Portland may be ready to move their picks for a well-proven player and the Pelicans may try to use their two first-round picks to trade up. Keep in mind that if the Pelicans do decide to trade their pick, they will have plenty of options.

It makes sense for the Pelicans, who already have enough young talent on their roster and don’t need any more young players to develop. The Pelicans may not even use this pick in the rotation, but drafting a veteran who can contribute right away would allow them to take advantage of the window they have with Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and CJ McCollum.

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