An NBA Analyst Believes that Ben Simmons will be on Top of his form as the Regular Season Progresses


Big things are expected of Ben Simmons and the Brooklyn Nets as the NBA season 2022–23 approaches. Meanwhile, Simmons airballed a jump shot at a public Nets practice before starting the regular NBA season. However, Zach Lowe of ESPN downplayed Simmons’s missed jump shot at the team’s open practice.

The Brooklyn Nets hosted their annual open practice, allowing their fans to watch their favorite players in action. The 6-foot-10 point guard, Ben Simmons, made an airball during practice when he attempted a jump shot.


Zach Lowe Explained

Meanwhile, NBA Today experts on the ESPN broadcast laughed at the missed shot. However, Lowe explained why people should ignore the missed jump shot.

“Time. Everyone needs to chill on like blacktop airballs and preseason games,” Lowe said.

“Ben Simmons has not played a meaningful NBA game in almost a year and a half, and we’re all sitting here, fretting over, ‘Does he fit?'”

“Just give them some time in real basketball games. It’s not going to be that easy even though they have a ton of shooting around him.”

Simmons is Returning

Ben Simmons will play in his first NBA season since taking a year off to deal with mental health difficulties while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. Moreover, when Simmons first joined the Nets, he was hindered by back problems. However, after his historic playoff episode against the Atlanta Hawks, it took him a while to regain his confidence.

However, Simmons had difficulty becoming comfortable in the Nets’ offense throughout the preseason games. Meanwhile, the head coach, Steve Nash, is optimistic that the young Australian phenomenon will progress and find his footing. Moreover, Nash has complete confidence in Simmons’ abilities and looks promising about the upcoming season.

Simmons as Point Guard

People were shocked to see Ben Simmons still playing point guard during the Brooklyn Nets’ preseason games. Although many believed that Nash would play him as a center, the previous Rookie of the Year is still playing as the point guard. Meanwhile, he could find advantageous mismatches for himself and his teammates because he was the team’s point guard. Moreover, the former first-round pick frequently handled the ball and set up Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in half-court situations.

Meanwhile, the Nets may find this helpful in the future. Ben Simmons’ height and vision might give the team many opportunities, even though he is still getting used to the team’s system. However, the fact that the Nets haven’t made their death lineup public could be problematic for other clubs.

Nets Need to Utilize Simmons in a Different Manner

The Brooklyn Nets’ performance will change dramatically if Ben Simmons is moved to the center position. Moreover, the three-time All-Star is perfectly equipped to play the power forward position due to his height and speed. However, he won’t have to alter his strategy entirely if he becomes the middleman. All in all, Simmons will need to be used differently by the Brooklyn Nets if they are looking for success with their current roster.

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