An Australian NBL Team Crushes an NBA Team for the First Time in History


The Adelaide 36ers put on a show to remember, surprising the full-strength squad of Phoenix Suns with a shooting display that created history. Meanwhile, the rest of the NBL clubs began their new seasons last weekend. The rebuilt 36ers traveled to Phoenix and defeated the host in the opening game with an incredible 134-124. Moreover, pre-season hit outs started for the first time since 2019, and it was the first time an NBL club had ever defeated an NBA squad.

They have signaled their willingness to be an NBL force to be reckoned with in Arizona after surging with the newcomers Craig Randall II and Robert Franks. The former scored 35 points, while the latter amassed 32 points. Moreover, Randall put on a show for 36ers fans, letting fly from long range and hitting nine of his team’s 23 three-pointers, which the Suns couldn’t handle despite having a lineup that included NBA great Chris Paul and sensation Devin Booker.

Come in and Play Freely

Jock Landale, the Suns’ own Australian, stated before the game that the visitors would “come in and play freely,” and they did exactly that. Meanwhile, this year, the Suns’ salaries total $AU269 million, while the 36ers’ pay totals $AU1.7 million.

Moreover, the Suns failed miserably to defend, allowing the 36ers to score 71 points in the first half alone. Meanwhile, to put that in context, the match average in the NBL’s first round last weekend was 90 points per game. However, they refused to let up in the second half.

The New Comers Rocked

Randall II was a powerful offensive presence against the Suns, who came to Adelaide fresh from winning the 2022 NBA Summer League championship in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Franks was outstanding from behind the three-point line, connecting on six of ten attempts. Moreover, he had previously played for the Magic and the Hornets in the NBA.

Meanwhile, Adelaide restructured their squad throughout the offseason, bringing in key players like Randall, Franks, and Antonius Cleveland, who scored 22 points against the Suns. Moreover, the 36ers return to action on Friday against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Aussie prodigy Josh Giddey.

On the other hand, Chris Paul scored six points, and Devin Booker added thirteen for the Suns’ starting five in their 22 minutes of action. Meanwhile, with 23, Cameron Payne led all scorers for the Suns.

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