Alysha Clark Injury 2022: Signed for DC in 2021, But Has Not played a game for any team other than Seattle

Alysha Clark

Alysha Clark started her professional basketball career way back in 2012

She has had a very decorated career so far. She has played in the USA and in Europe, finding success in each region. Moreover, she has played both in Europe and USA at the same time as well. This is also the main reason why she has not been able to make her debut for the Washington Mystics.

9 Years in Seattle, 273 Games Played; 13 Months in DC 0 Games Played

Alysha has been fiercely loyal to her team, and had won two WNBA championships with the Seattle side. Moreover, she has also received the League MVP title while playing in Poland. But her career has taken a turn for the worst, since March of 2021 she has not played a single basketball match.

Clark hasn’t played competitive basketball since suffering a Lisfranc injury while playing in France in March 2021. It had been less than two months since she made the shocking decision to leave the Seattle Storm, her sole WNBA team and reigning champion, to come to D.C.

There is good news though

After 13 months absent from the game, she might be only a few weeks away from her DC debut and her return to professional basketball something she has longed so much for.

“I’m feeling good,” Clark told NBC Sports Washington. “I’m feeling really good. My foot’s been responding well. The rest of my body has been responding well to the jump and intensity and load which makes me happy.”

The 34-year-old played a 5-5 match with her teammates recently and Alysha looked like her regular self, scoring some lighting quick baskets in the process. On one occasion she burst into tears, which worried her teammates and coaches that maybe something was wrong, but she replied that these were tears of joy.

Her love for the game and dedication to her physiotherapy has helped her make a full recovery and hopefully, her gloomy days are behind her.

“It’s just getting that confidence,” Clark said. “Getting over that mental hurdle of being out there and being hit and stepping and playing and doing those things. So, I build confidence every day, which is great. So, hopefully, you see me out there sooner rather than later.”

Will she be available for the first game?

Though it is rumored that Alysa might be given the go-ahead, by the time the new season kicks off. The coach might not risk her so soon. According to sources, the coach does not expect her to start or maybe even play the first few games. This would probably be a wise decision, coming from such a long-term injury she needs to be mentally adjusted just as much as physically for the game.



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