All You Need to Know About the NBA Season Games Schedule

Games schedule in NBA season

How many games in the NBA season?

The 82 games schedule in the NBA season has been in action since 1967–68, although it has recently been under criticism, with commissioner Adam Silver particularly stoking the flames.

To increase attention and undoubtedly increase money, Silver is advocating for a tournament during the current season. The season would be cut short as a result of the tournament. But it appears he may be putting the regular season in jeopardy by pushing for extra games with incentives before the playoffs.

Addition of 16 extra games in the NBA season

The league’s 16 additional games are the lone disadvantage of avoiding another prolonged lockout. The 66-game schedule from this past season is excellent evidence that having 82 games is too many for both players and spectators. Even the most casual NBA fan was engrossed by the action-packed game of each night. There were countless storylines, and the video games were even better. Sadly, the 82-game overload schedule is back and will remain in place.

A shorter schedule means better games

A shortened timetable greatly facilitates the game and players. Teams would no longer have to play four games in five nights, which would allow players to get more rest and result in higher-quality games. As the league extends its television schedule by an additional two months, that won’t happen at least in the following season.

82 games schedule is punishing for players

Many players have complained in recent years that playing 82 games per season is excessively stressful on their bodies. However, no actionable steps have been done to reduce that number. In order to lessen the frequency of back-to-back games a club had to compete in a season, the NBA has so far decided to add an extra week to the calendar.

The NBA utilizes a formula to determine when and where to play its games. Five separate elements make up that formula, and they can be categorized into various groups. The five elements are the scheduling formula, court accessibility, court breaks, official conflicts, and broadcasters.

NBA Season Scheduling Formula

  • Each side must compete against the other four teams in its division four times (16 games in total).
  • Four games against out-of-division conference teams (24 games in total)
  • Three games against the conference’s other four teams (12 games)
  • Two matchups against all oppositional conference clubs. (30 games)

A conference consists of 15 teams, and after a team plays all four opponents in its division, there are still 10 opponents left. The clubs that are played against four times and three times respectively are determined by a five-year cycle.

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