Why No One Wants Brandon Ingram: The Harsh Reality of NBA Economics

No One Wants Brandon Ingram
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For years, Brandon Ingram was the NBA’s golden boy. The Lakers once refused to trade him for Paul George, and he was a key piece in the deal for Anthony Davis. Yet, today, his trade value has plummeted. No one wants Brandon Ingram anymore. What happened?

Why No One Wants Brandon Ingram: The Harsh Reality of NBA Economics

Ingram’s Fading Stardom

Ingram’s early career was a rollercoaster. He barely shot 40% from the field as a rookie and battled a blood clot that ended his season prematurely, a condition reminiscent of Chris Bosh’s career-ending ailment. Despite these setbacks, Ingram was viewed as a budding superstar, consistently valued highly in trade talks.

The Money Conundrum

Fast forward to 2024, Ingram is eligible for a four-year, $208 million extension. The Pelicans, however, are reluctant to offer him a max contract. The NBA’s new CBA has teams pinching pennies like never before. Ingram, now 26, doesn’t fall into the automatic max contract category anymore. His value, once bolstered by potential, has now settled into reality.

Why the Hesitation?

Teams are wary of Ingram’s inconsistencies. His shooting numbers are decent, but he’s never lived up to his potential as a consistent defender or playmaker. He’s shown flashes of brilliance but often settles for mid-range jumpers instead of stretching his game to the three-point line. His 3-point attempt rate has dropped to an unacceptable 21.9%.

The Trade Market’s Cold Shoulder

Despite needing a big man, the Pelicans can’t seem to find a trade partner for Ingram. The Hawks, Warriors, and Kings have all shown little to no interest. Even teams like the Cavaliers and Magic, who could use a scoring boost, have not pursued him.

Changing Landscape

The new CBA has created a fiscal landscape where bad max contracts can cripple a team. The days of easily offloading bad deals are over. Teams are cautious, preferring financial flexibility over potential risks. Ingram’s demand for a max contract doesn’t align with this new reality.

The Harsh Truth

Brandon Ingram is a cautionary tale of potential unmet. Once viewed as the next Kevin Durant, he’s now seen as a costly gamble. His skill set, while impressive, doesn’t justify the financial commitment in today’s NBA. The league is moving towards a model where only the truly elite get paid max money. The rest, like Ingram, must adjust their expectations or risk being left behind.

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