Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Jaylen Brown After Olympic Snub: ‘Do Y’all Believe Me Now?’

Controversial Take Of Stephen A. Smith on Jaylen Brown
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ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith reignited his ongoing feud with Boston Celtics All-Star Jaylen Brown after Brown was snubbed as a replacement for Kawhi Leonard on Team USA’s Paris Olympics roster. Leonard had to withdraw from the campaign due to health concerns, and Celtics teammate Derrick White was chosen instead.


Jaylen Brown, fresh off winning an NBA championship and Finals MVP, expressed his dissatisfaction through a series of cryptic social media posts. The three-time All-Star’s apparent frustration did not go unnoticed, especially by Stephen A. Smith, who seized the moment to reinforce his earlier criticism of Brown’s marketability.


In a provocative tweet, Smith wrote:

“Do y’all believe me now? Yo @FCHWPO, do I need to reveal my sources now? Is it not obvious now? How in the hell is a $300M man — now a champion and an NBA Finals MVP — who’s clearly a top-two player on the @celtics and a Top-15 player in the world, NOT chosen for Team-USA? B/c his teammate NOT named Tatum is selected before him? Come on y’all!!!”


During the NBA Finals, Stephen A. Smith had claimed that “anonymous sources” told him Brown’s “attitude” was hurting his overall marketability. While acknowledging Brown’s solid performance, Stephen A. Smith argued that the NBA does not view him as marketable as his Celtics running mate, Jayson Tatum. Brown responded to Smith’s claims on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the succinct message: “State your source.”


Brown also took a jab at Smith by wearing a shirt emblazoned with “State your source” during the Celtics’ championship parade in Boston.



Despite the disappointment of not being selected for the Paris Olympics, some insiders believe this snub could serve as a powerful motivator for Jaylen Brown. Boston area NBA insider Chris Forsberg, speaking with NBC Sports, highlighted how the decision could fuel Brown’s determination to prove his worth.


“I think that Celtics brass are probably frustrated that Jaylen didn’t get this nod. They understand how much effort he’s put in, how much he meant to this title, and he should be rewarded by being part of this Paris group. Just when you start thinking like, ‘Alright, maybe things are all going his way,’ he finds this little extra prod of motivation that is gonna fuel him throughout this summer,” Forsberg commented.


A spot on Team USA opened after LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard withdrew due to health concerns. However, instead of Brown, Celtics’ Derrick White was chosen as the replacement. This decision has sparked debates among fans and analysts alike, with many questioning the criteria and fairness of the selection process.


The snub of Jaylen Brown from Team USA’s roster, despite his stellar season and championship performance, raises significant questions about the factors influencing team selections. Is it purely based on skill and recent performance, or do personality and marketability play a hidden role?


Stephen A. Smith‘s public criticism of Brown’s marketability and the subsequent Olympic snub highlight a broader issue within professional sports: the intersection of talent and marketability. While Brown’s on-court performance is indisputable, his off-court persona and how it is perceived by the NBA’s decision-makers appear to be affecting his opportunities. This situation underscores the complexity of professional sports, where athletic prowess must often be complemented by a marketable image to achieve full recognition and opportunity.


As Jaylen Brown processes this latest professional setback, it will be intriguing to see how he channels his frustration. Will this Olympic snub ignite a new level of performance in the upcoming NBA season? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the eyes of the basketball world will be watching closely.


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