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Basketball sensation Mamadou N’Diaye stood head and shoulders above the rest when he posed for a photo with 6ft 4 inch Erling Haaland after Manchester City’s recent match against West Ham. N’Diaye, the former UC Irvine player, is an imposing figure at a towering 7ft 6 inches, easily overshadowing Haaland and his fellow teammates at the London Stadium.

Haaland, known for his height and remarkable speed, is considered one of the tallest players in the Premier League, which greatly contributed to his incredible goal-scoring prowess for Man City last season. However, even he appeared diminutive next to the Senegalese basketball star. N’Diaye also towered over his 6ft two-inch teammate, Ederson.

Yet, the most striking size difference in the photograph was with Bernardo Silva, standing at a mere 5ft 8 inches. The Portuguese midfielder was nearly two feet shorter than N’Diaye, creating a striking visual contrast.

Despite the stark height disparities, all four men posed with infectious smiles as they celebrated Manchester City’s remarkable 3-1 comeback victory against West Ham during the match. N’Diaye, who was enjoying his time in London, also had the opportunity to meet Manuel Akanji, receiving the player’s match shirt. He then explored the stadium, even engaging in some keepy-ups on the West Ham badge.

Additionally, N’Diaye shared snapshots of his sightseeing adventures around the British capital, taking in central London’s iconic landmarks and visiting various museums. In one amusing photo, N’Diaye cheekily posed next to a red telephone box, cleverly framing the shot to make it appear as though he was almost as tall as the London street icon. However, in reality, London telephone boxes measure 8ft 3 inches in height.


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