Rising Star Jalen Green and Draya Michele Unfazed by Critics: Embracing Love and Parenthood

Rising Star Jalen Green and Draya Michele Unfazed by Critics: Embracing Love and Parenthood
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Jalen Green, the rising star of the Houston Rockets, and Draya Michele, a renowned entrepreneur and founder of Mint Swim, have been at the center of public attention due to their relationship. Despite facing criticism and online hate, the couple remains undeterred, focusing on their love and their new roles as parents. The couple welcomed their daughter on Mother’s Day, a significant date for Michele due to a personal tragedy three years earlier. Green also has another daughter, born in February, with a woman named Myah Iakopo, as reported by VIBE.


In a candid interview with TMZ Sports, Green and Michele addressed the criticism they have faced, particularly the age gap between them. Michele, who is 17 years older than Green, has been the target of numerous negative comments online. However, the couple chooses to ignore the hate and focus on their relationship.

“We try to stay off the internet and not really listen to that kind of stuff. We block it out and mind our business. Two adults being in love—I don’t know why that would rub people the wrong way. It’s kind of weird. Love is love at the end of the day,” Michele stated.


Their relationship has been under scrutiny not just because of the age difference but also due to Green’s status as an NBA player and Michele’s celebrity status. Yet, the couple has shown resilience in the face of criticism, choosing to celebrate their love and the birth of their daughter, whose name they have not yet revealed.


Michele shared the emotional significance of her daughter’s birth on Instagram, connecting it to the loss of her father on Mother’s Day 2021. She expressed how her daughter’s birth has brought new joy and helped create new, positive memories on a day that had previously been filled with sorrow.


“In 2021, on Mother’s Day, my dad passed away. Since then, it’s been extremely hard to celebrate that day without remembering the earth-shattering phone call I received that morning. Well, this Mother’s Day was different. My daughter was safely brought into this world, and I’m forever grateful for the new memories we all get to experience moving forward,” Michele wrote.


Adding to the complexity of their lives, Jalen Green also welcomed a daughter in February with Myah Iakopo, a 23-year-old California student. The baby girl, named Peace Moira Iakopo, was born on February 12. While Green and Iakopo were not in a serious relationship, the young NBA star has been providing financial support for his daughter since her birth.


Despite the challenges and the public scrutiny, Green has continued to perform exceptionally well on the basketball court. Since February 15, he has averaged 22.8 points, 5.8 rebounds, 3.9 assists, and 1.0 steals per game, with shooting percentages of 44.1% from the field and 36.8% from beyond the arc. His dedication to both his professional career and his responsibilities as a father is evident.


The relationship between Jalen Green and Draya Michele is a testament to the power of love and resilience. In an age where public figures are constantly under the microscope, their ability to focus on their personal happiness and the well-being of their children is commendable. The criticism they face highlights the often harsh judgment that public figures endure, yet their response underscores the importance of prioritizing personal relationships and family over public opinion.


Jalen Green and Draya Michele’s relationship and their handling of public scrutiny provide a refreshing narrative in the celebrity world. Their story is not just about overcoming criticism but also about embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood together. Michele’s touching reflection on her daughter’s birth and its significance adds a deeply human element to their story, reminding us all that love and family can bring healing and joy, even in the face of adversity.

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