Paul George Reveals How Close He Was to Joining Steph Curry and the Warriors

Paul George Reveals How Close He Was to Joining Steph Curry and the Warriors
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Before Paul George entered free agency, rumors swirled about his potential trade to the Golden State Warriors. Though the deal never materialized, recent revelations suggest it was closer to reality than anyone imagined. On his latest episode of “Podcast P,” George delved into the specifics of his free agency journey and his ultimate decision to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers. The All-Star forward also shed light on how close he was to becoming a Warrior.

“That was a real thing,” George said. “That was close to being done. That deal was close to being done from what I was being told on the situation. It was very intriguing.”

The Warriors, who recently lost key player Klay Thompson to the Dallas Mavericks, were in search of a new co-star for two-time MVP Steph Curry. Based on George’s account, he was almost the latest big-name player to join the Warriors’ dynasty. This revelation has stirred the NBA community, raising questions about what could have been had the trade gone through.

Paul George is not the only player speaking out about his near trade to the Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green, another notable player with a podcast, also touched on the situation. On his show, Green discussed George’s four-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers and expressed his frustration about the missed opportunity for the Warriors.

“As you all know, Paul George was gonna come to the Warriors,” Green said. “The Clippers didn’t really want to play ball. Didn’t really want to help him get to where he wanted to go and so in turn they get nothing back.”

Green’s comments highlight the Clippers’ unwillingness to facilitate the trade, potentially due to not wanting to strengthen a direct competitor in the Western Conference. Despite losing George in free agency, the Clippers remain focused on contention, with Kawhi Leonard signed through the next three seasons and the front office retaining James Harden.

George’s remarks on “Podcast P” provide a fascinating insight into the inner workings of NBA trade negotiations. He acknowledged the allure of joining the Warriors and teaming up with Curry, a pairing that would have undoubtedly created a formidable duo. However, the Clippers’ reluctance to engage in trade talks thwarted this possibility.

The Clippers’ decision not to trade George could be seen as a strategic move to maintain their competitive edge in the Western Conference. By not sending George to the Warriors, they avoided bolstering a rival team, a common tactic in professional sports. This choice, however, meant they received no assets in return for George’s departure in free agency.

Despite the near miss with the Warriors, George finds himself in a promising situation with the Philadelphia 76ers. Surrounded by star-level running mates and benefiting from the strategic moves made by Daryl Morey in free agency, the 76ers are poised to contend in the 2025 season.

George’s addition to the 76ers bolsters their roster significantly. His experience and skill set complement the existing talent on the team, making them a formidable force in the Eastern Conference. With the potential to challenge for the title, George’s move to Philadelphia may prove to be a pivotal moment in his career.

Paul George’s near trade to the Warriors and subsequent move to the 76ers exemplify the complex and often opaque nature of NBA free agency and trade negotiations. The Clippers’ decision not to trade George to a conference rival underscores the strategic considerations teams must weigh in these situations. Meanwhile, George’s ability to land on his feet with the 76ers highlights the unpredictable nature of player movement in the league.

The revelations about Paul George’s near trade to the Warriors add an intriguing layer to the NBA offseason narrative. This near-miss scenario illustrates how a single decision by a front office can alter the landscape of the league. The Clippers’ refusal to trade George to a rival may be viewed as both a defensive strategy and a missed opportunity to acquire valuable assets.

For the 76ers, acquiring George represents a significant coup. His presence alongside their existing stars enhances their championship prospects. As the new season approaches, the 76ers’ ability to integrate George into their system will be critical to their success.

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