Josh Hart Mocks Former Teammate Isaiah Hartenstein’s Departure in Hilarious Social Media Antics

Josh Hart Mocks Former Teammate Isaiah Hartenstein's Departure in Hilarious Social Media Antics
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Josh Hart, a key player for the New York Knicks, has gained a reputation for his playful and often humorous social media presence. This week, following the Knicks’ notable loss in free agency, Hart’s antics have taken center stage again. The recent departure of Isaiah Hartenstein, who signed a multi-year, $87 million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder, has provided Hart with fresh material for his light-hearted jabs.

Isaiah Hartenstein’s decision to leave the Knicks for the Thunder marked a significant shift in the team’s roster dynamics. During an episode of his show “Roommates” with Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart didn’t hold back his mock displeasure. When asked about Hartenstein’s move, Hart quipped, “He’s dead to us,” delivering the line with his signature humor.

Of course, Hart’s comment was all in good fun. He and Hartenstein shared the court for the majority of Hartenstein’s tenure with the Knicks after Hart was traded to New York midway through the 2023 season. Despite the playful banter, Hart’s comments reflect the camaraderie and strong bond formed between teammates during their time together.

While losing Hartenstein is a blow, the Knicks have made significant strides to maintain their competitive edge. They secured the extension of OG Anunoby and executed a major trade with the Brooklyn Nets to acquire Mikal Bridges. These moves indicate the Knicks’ intent to remain strong contenders in the Eastern Conference, despite the roster shake-ups.

Josh Hart’s playful nature didn’t stop at his “Roommates” show. Upon learning of Hartenstein’s official signing with the Thunder, Hart took to social media, posting a mock-serious message: “You are dead to me Zay. I never liked you anyways. But congrats on the bag!” This mix of humor and heartfelt congratulations perfectly encapsulates Hart’s approach to the situation.

Hart’s acknowledgment of Hartenstein’s massive new contract shows his understanding of the business side of the sport. With the new deal quadrupling Hartenstein’s career earnings, Hart’s jesting comments were accompanied by genuine happiness for his friend’s success.

Isaiah Hartenstein’s move to the Thunder fills a critical need for the team, particularly at the center position. His ability to play a pivotal role against more physical teams makes him a valuable asset. With his new team, Hartenstein is expected to support Chet Holmgren, providing strength and versatility in the frontcourt.

As a starter for the Knicks last season, Hartenstein averaged 8.7 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 3.1 assists while shooting an impressive 66.3% from the field. Now, with the opportunity to play alongside an MVP-caliber player like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Hartenstein has the chance to elevate his game even further and potentially assume a starting role.

Josh Hart’s playful comments about Isaiah Hartenstein’s departure highlight the close-knit and often humorous relationships between NBA teammates. These moments of levity provide fans with a glimpse into the personal dynamics within the league, often hidden behind the intense competition on the court. Hart’s actions also underscore the reality of professional sports, where friendships must coexist with the business-driven decisions that shape careers.

The Knicks’ strategic acquisitions and Hartenstein’s lucrative new contract with the Thunder exemplify the fluid nature of NBA rosters and the continuous pursuit of improvement. For the Knicks, the challenge lies in integrating new talent like Mikal Bridges and ensuring that the team’s chemistry and performance remain strong. For Hartenstein, his move to the Thunder represents a significant career milestone and an opportunity to further establish his presence in the league.

Isaiah Hartenstein’s move to the Oklahoma City Thunder marks a new chapter in his career, leaving behind playful memories with former Knicks teammate Josh Hart. As the Knicks navigate their revamped roster, the NBA community watches with anticipation to see how these changes will impact the upcoming season. Amidst the business and strategy of professional basketball, the camaraderie and humor shared by players like Hart and Hartenstein remind us of the human side of the sport.

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